Australian born Shaun Anthony Robinson has always been a performer from a young age. You could say Shaun was the class clown always trying to get a laugh out of his friends ,Even if that meant him getting himself sent to the principles office but in saying he that always kept a clear view that entertaining was going to be the one thing he stuck at. from his teen yrs into his mid 20's he dabbled in many bands eventually landing himself in a Central Coast Rock band called Origin of janken as the frontman ,Performing on AGT for Australia gave him a feeling he had not felt in a long time .That feeling was passion busting at the seems. With that passion and drive he auditioned for a Tv show that would mean he really had to prove him self . He auditioned for Bogan hunters with his hair all oily and a flannelette shirt short shorts and thongs he was on his way. Shaun performed in 2 more feature films for the Housos crew inc:

Fat pizza vs Housos and Dumb criminals.

In 2016 has certainly tackled his new acting career head on.

he enrolled at Sydney drama school to sharpen his techniques and learn about what his craft had to offer him. Obviously a lot because later that year he gained a small speaking role in HYDE & SEEK, and support roles in

Blue murder cop killer ,EVENT ZERO,

For Shaun 2017 was a great year . He was cast in his 1st TVC for Kyle & Jackie, and his first lead role in enviro horror short film DEVIL WOMAN. Directed by Heidi Lee Douglas. He was also casted for a speaking role in The Secret Daughter the 7 network

L-R Bill Parks , dude , Danny Mcdermott, myself Scott laird Berg & Dru At the Barrel Tavern Sherman Oaks  2019
Friends you make on your Journey Bill parks , dude , Danny McDermott , myself Scott laird berg & Dru At the Barrel Tavern Sherman oaks California 2019


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