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Scavenger Hunt

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Original 3D Mosaic by local artist, Eric Nelson

Purchase tickets at DCB tent or the Artists Alliance

$5.00 each or 5 for $20.00

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1st Annual

Colonial Beach Osprey Festival

A bird sanctuary and osprey mecca, Colonial Beach Virginia is the location for the town's first annual Osprey Festival, celebrating its signature bird, other bird life and the area's abundant natural resources. A fundraiser for Downtown Colonial Beach, the festival features:

  • Guided Bird Walks *
  • Golf Cart and Bus Tours of Osprey nests and babies *
  • Bird talks and exhibits *
  • Bird themed Art Walk
  • Children's Activities
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • "Cock"tail hours and music
  • A Grand Ole "O'spry" Concert
  • Early bird, Osprey and Featherweight Meal specials
  • Special bird hikes and activities at nearby State Parks and Historic sites *
  • Lots of opportunity for walking, hiking, biking and dancing all weekend

* ticket required

What's so cool about Ospreys?

Ospreys are large, beautiful and active birds that are more readily seen than other birds because they tend to like open areas. They also put on an entertaining show when they dive and snatch up a live fish or waggle one or nesting materials high up over their mates during breeding season. Every time you see an osprey it’s worth celebrating because they are a conservation success story. Decimated between the 1950s and 1970s, they sprang back to life when DDT was identified as the culprit, poisoning them in a way that thinned their shells so that fewer chicks hatched successfully. Research on the decline of the ospreys helped scientists learn that DDT was a problem and to an eventual ban on its use. But ospreys are still at risk, especially the chicks, whose little feet can become caught in fishing line their parents snatch up to line their nests. An osprey festival such as this can be one means of educating the public about the need to reel in and properly dispose of fishing line so we can all continue to enjoy an abundance of this magnificent bird along our waterfronts in years to come.

(Information derived from "Osprey Facts, US. Fish & Wildlife Service", 1/22/19 and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, "All About Birds, Osprey Life History", 1/22/19

The festival is supported by Colonial Beach organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce , Community Foundation and Museum at Colonial Beach. Local and regional Northern Neck participants include the Caledon State Park, Westmoreland State Park, Stratford Hall, George Washington's Birthplace, James Monroe's Birthplace and Northern Neck Audubon Society. Lodging specials including festival tickets are also available at Riverview Inn, River Edge Motel, and the Plaza B&B.

Downtown Colonial Beach, Inc. supports revitalization of the historic downtown and commercial core of the Town of Colonial Beach. Proceeds from this event will go to support these efforts. Gateway to Virginia’s Northern Neck from the north, Colonial Beach is an off-the-beaten path gem, fronting on the Potomac River with the second longest sandy beach in Virginia. (

Festival Sponsors

Rankin's True Value Hardware

* Joyce Reimherr and Rob Rudick

* Susan and Bryon Mack

Downtown Colonial Beach Inc.

315 Douglas Avenue - Colonial Beach, Virginia 22443

(804) 454-4985

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