GIS Analyst

The Dartmouth Company, Boston MA

(Jan 2019 - Present)

GIS Analyst

Kleinfelder, Cambridge MA

(July 2015- Jan 2019)

Designing high-end cartographic products and performing geospatial data analysis for the civil engineering, environmental and scientific consulting industry. Providing enterprise GIS data management, geospatial analysis, and technical report writing for medium to large municipalities and private-sector organizations in the Northeast United States.

Lead GIS analyst for Kleinfelder's Climate Change team, working with modeled high-resolution flooding raster data to develop resiliency measures and implement a risk framework for climate preparedness. Additionally, served key analyst roles in developing a green infrastructure impacts analysis for citywide assessment and mitigation of urban heat island effects, urban forest cover, and stormwater runoff. This work has been featured and cited by the US EPA.

Primary markets served include water resources management, stormwater management, transportation, local government, and energy distribution. Working with project managers and industry and scientific specialists to meet complex geospatial needs, including developing custom web mapping applications, asset management, and training.

Geospatial Consultant


Planet Alpha Labs, Cambridge, MA

Providing GIS support and cartographic design services for early-stage startup, providing forest conservation, CO2 reduction, and worldwide reverse deforestation in a wide range of habitats across Africa, Asia, and South America. Performing analysis on land cover, tree density, and habitat loss prevention in pilot project sites and developing datasets used to estimate the cost and feasibility of reforestation efforts.

Developing a GIS based approach for forest conservation and groundbreaking carbon products to support landowners and reduce. Providing mapping support for SEC Regulation A+ Tier II offering of securities for Planet Alpha Corp. Directing and providing oversight for the GPS data collection field operations program for sites within Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya.

GIS Development Intern

Campus Planning Office, UMass Amherst

Worked with the Campus Planning department under the principal GIS A&F architect to develop a workflow within FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) to automatically process geotags within photos for GIS asset tagging. The project read EXIF data and generated a virtual field-of-view (based on camera lens properties and directional information) that intersected assets in a GIS to automatically detect objects or buildings, and classify images based on the assets contained within the cameras reference frame.

Access the research product here - Image recognition map

Research Communications and Outreach Intern

University Relations Office, UMass Amherst | @ResearchNext

Updating UMass Research Next website using Drupal CMS; Designing and implementing a social media strategy for Research Next brand. Increasing visibility of research conducted at UMass Amherst through online news articles. Copy editing articles for release on the web. Generating social media content and aiding in growing the Research Next brand.

Summer GIS & Project Management Intern

Smith College, Northampton MA

Assisted capital project managers with field-based GPS data collection, building GIS layers, converting CAD data to GIS, creating maps, and archiving historic architectural plans in digital format. Additionally worked with Environmental Health & Safety specialist to digitize physical EPA HazMat manifest records into a relational database, as well as assisting with on-site inspections.

Past Client List

Climate Change / GIS Analysis

City of Cambridge, MA

City of Boston, MA

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Town of Arlington, MA

  • Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Plan

Town of Waterford, CT

GIS and Cartographic Services

(Selected Clients)

  • Boston Water and Sewer Commission
  • Narragansett Bay Commission
  • City of Manchester, NH
  • City of Northampton, MA
  • City of Somerville, MA
  • City of Springfield, MA
  • City of Worcester, MA
  • Town of Canton, MA
  • Town of Dover, MA
  • Town of Millis, MA
  • Town of Vernon, CT
  • Town of Wareham, MA


University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Bachelor of Science in Earth Systems, Department of Geosciences

Relevant Coursework: Remote Sensing of the Environment, Sedimentary Geochemistry, GIS Colloquium, Environmental Science, Climatology, Environmental Biology, Urban Geography, Geological Field Methods, Environmental Policy and Geography, Chemistry.

Designed and completed an independent research study with UMass campus planning, focused on GIS applications using FME and ArcGIS software. Created proof-of-concept object recognition system.

Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

Atmospheric Science, Geospatial Sciences

Relevant Coursework: GIS Design & Applications I & II, Atmospheric Structure and Analysis, Weather and Climate, Physics, Chemistry, Programming in C.

Software + Skills

  • ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 10.5
    • 3D Analyst
    • Network Analyst
    • Spatial Analyst
  • ESRI ArcGIS Online
  • FME Desktop
  • Google Earth Pro
  • Mapbox Studio
  • Adobe Illustrator 2017
  • Remote Sensing / ENVI
  • Trimble® GPS / GNSS
  • TerraSync™ Centimeter Edition
  • G-Suite | Google Apps
  • Web Design (Drupal, Google, Wordpress)
  • Audio Mixing /Live Sound Design