Science & STEM Lab

Welcome to the Science & STEM Lab! Our lab is equipped with all the supplies you need to carry out investigations and STEM activities. All classes have the opportunity to visit the lab once per week where they conduct investigations that support their in-class curriculum.

In addition to these activities, our lab has a number of classroom animals who share our lab with us. Would your family like to take care of the animals over a holiday break? Email Mrs. Hutchins to let her know!


Outback is our Bearded Dragon. He loves raspberries, kale and crickets! If you would like to help feed Outback, see our Supplies page for safe foods he can have.


Gilbert is our hamster. He loves to run around the lab in his exercise ball. Can you explain the energy conversions occurring when a hamster runs in an exercise ball?

We also have two aquarium tanks containing different types of frogs. Can you identify what kinds they are?

Our Bulletin Board

In the back of the lab, you will find a bulletin board where students can post questions. They can also post answers to questions that are there. On the first of every month, questions and answers will be addressed, and referenced answers to each question will be posted.

If you've asked a question, come see the answers. If you've answered a question, come check out how your explanation compares.