Welcome to Mr.Gonzalez's Chemistry Class

"The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them." - Sir William Bragg

Chemistry class overview

This course includes a study of measurements skills, atomic structure, and the periodic table, bonding stoichiometry, states of matter and kinetic theory, solutions, acids, bases, and equilibrium, and simple chemical and nuclear reactions. Mathematical relationships of chemical reactions and mathematical descriptions of gas behavior are studied under experimental conditions and in problem-solving situations. The course includes laboratory experiments designed to reinforce course content. It aligns with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science (TEKS).

Class of 2023 Chemistry Adventure

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About me

I was born in McAllen Texas, but I was raised in Mexico in a small town by the name of General Teran Nuevo Leon. I moved back to the US in middle school. I graduated from PSJA North ECHS in 2015. For college I went to The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and graduated in 2018. At the moment I'm Enrolled in a Masters of science in professional school counseling at Angelo State University.