Team MindMapping with Coggle

Team  MindMapping in a Socially-Distanced Classroom using Coggle. 

Key Skills

Required Resources

In the Classroom setting

Online Teaching & Learning

The Technology: Coggle


How to use Coggle: Instructional Videos. 

Coggle Tutorial

Do more with Coggles 

Using with Google Classroom 

Classroom Approaches / Strategies

Team Mindmapping / Collaborating in Virtual Groups

Step 1 - Setting-up

Step 2 - Creating a personal Coggle

Step 3 - Collaborating in Virtual Groups. 

Junior Cycle for Teachers Resource

Points to Note / Alternative Approaches. 

Alternative approaches and uses for Coggle: 

Points to note: 


Examples of real-time collaboration using Coggle. 

Common Agricultural Policy - 6th Year Geography

Key Themes in Romeo and Juliet using Coggle. Each person in the virtual team was given a theme to work on.  - 3rd Year English