A Journal of Natural Sciences and Allied Subjects

(a peer reviewed journal)

From the Chief Editor's desk

The journal Transient is an attempt to provide a platform for researchers in different fields of science to showcase their research; an endeavour along the line of numerous other international, national and regional journals. The rationale for adding one more to the list of existing journals is that a lot of scientific research goes unpublished for the simple reason that most journals put great emphasis on the significance of the results or conclusions drawn from a particular research work; the exclusion of research, however simple or basic, from visible literature might lead researchers to keep on 'reinventing the wheel' causing loss of precious time. In Transient, we try to honour the endeavour and hard work put out by researchers in carrying out their work even though the outcome might not be 'paradigm-changing' by giving due recognition, without sacrificing scientific rigour, to the merits of the scientific content and methods of an article.

I am happy to inform that we are collaborating with Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU) for publication of articles in their upcoming International Seminar, "Climate Change: Impact and Resilience" in the Xth volume of the Journal.

We are now inviting manuscripts for the XIth volume of Transient.

Dr. Yubaraj Sharma

Message from the Chief Patron 

In the first place I would like to say that it has been the vision of Don Bosco College, Tura to raise the academic standards to the highest level. Our Vision is to create a high-quality publication that will be relevant, challenging, thought-provoking and inclusive of a diverse range of voices and perspectives including graduate students, academic researchers and scholars. Transient: A Journal of Natural Science and Allied Subjects (a peer reviewed journal) is one such initiative provided by the college for publishing research papers. Transient as projected, is not only an in-house publication, but a journal that is openly accessible for all the researchers in the vicinity as well as nation at large. In addition to being a broad based, mainstream & specialty journal, it can be a gateway for all the aspiring researchers from all science disciplines. I am sure it will grow by leaps and bounds!

Transient is an annual, peer-reviewed journal that publishes significant original scientific research, plus reviews and analyses of current research and science policy. It gives an opportunity for research scholars, academicians and students to publish their papers and research.

I congratulate the editorial board members of Transient and wish them all the best as they take forward the vision of the college in research and innovation. We strive forward “In Pursuit of Excellence”. Together we work towards making the journal a truly influential publication.

Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim SDB