There's now two ways you can access Discover, the College's search engine for online resources.

With the introduction of the new LRC Search platform you can access both the library stock records as well as the e-resource records from Discover, all in one place. For more information on accessing e-resources through the LRC Search then take a look at our other pages in this Toolkit. You can find information on how to log into your LRC account by clicking here and more information on searching for e-resources here.

Continue reading this page for more information on how to search for online resources via LRC Search and the Discover link in the e-library.

discover in LRC Search

As previously mentioned, LRC Search is the new platform we have to search for resources to help support your studies and teaching. This now integrates the Library records with our e-resource platform Discover.

It is recommended that you use LRC Search to find your supporting resources instead of just looking at Discover as this is where all of our records are searchable in one place.

There are two ways you can search Discover using LRC Search....

You can select to search Discover from the drop down menu on the LRC Search homepage. As displayed in the image to the left.

Or you can conduct a search and select to view the Discover results using the Discover tab on the next page.

Once you've clicked the "search" button and can see your search results you can then click on the Discover tab towards the top left side, underneath the search bar.

You will then see the Discover results page as shown below.

Just as with the library results you can use the limiters on the right-hand side to reduce your results further to make them more specific for your requirements. You can choose specific authors, formats, publications dates and more to include or exclude in your research.

You can sort your search results using the options towards the top of the page and use the research starters to help fuel your research.

discover in the e-library

Just as we have had before, you can search for resources on Discover if you click on the link in the e-Library. You can access the e-Library from the LRC page on the College website here.

You can also find out more information on using the e-Library in this toolkit by visiting the e-Library page here.

Find the Discover link in the alphabetical list of databases and start your search.

If you're using Discover directly you will see the search engine like the picture above. This may be a familiar sight to you. From here you can do a keyword, title or author search using the search bar or go into further depths with your criteria by completing an advanced search. You can also use the tabs across the top of the page to link to more databases, subject guides or even find journals.

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