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design palette

If you'd like to take the ideas from the initial consultation further we can produce an 'ideas and materials palette'.

The design palette is an A3 sized full colour PDF or print for either your interiors, or exterior and landscape and it is based on the discussion from the initial consultation. This palette will have photographs showing examples of rooms, building facades or gardens reflecting a style that will work with the existing built form and link in with your desired finish. General material types and finishes, furniture or plant species, and colour palettes will also be shown through sample imagery.

The investment for this design palette is $285. Should you wish to engage us to carry out both interior and exterior palettes and spreadsheets the investment is $550.

If you choose to progress to the next design level further photographs and measurements of areas of interest will be carried out free of charge to set up for the next stage of our process. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss your property.