7. Improving Student and Teacher Understanding with Data

The resources listed on this page offer supporting information for Module 7 of the AI Explorations course. If you have a resource you'd like to suggest, please complete the form linked here.


27 Incredible Examples Of AI And Machine Learning In Practice: Real world examples of ways AI is already in daily use. 4-30-18

Big data for the people: It's time to take it back from our tech overlords: Data is the new oil. What can we do to protect our privacy in an environment where data mining is prevalent? 03-14-18

Is it really AI? What actually constitutes AI? In part, it depends on how data are analyzed and used. 2-4-19

Using big data for social causes: Using the dataset of images of toilets around the world AI algorithm was used and then compared with income in communities. 1-8-19


Google's Cloud Vision API: This tool uses facial recognition technology to quickly classify images into thousands of categories, detect individual objects and faces within images, and read printed words contained within images.

UnPlugged AI Activites: Unplugged (without a computer) student activities and lessons to support AI and CS.


Data Mining - Identifying useful information from large quantities of data: A video to explain the importance of AI in reviewing data.