Recommended Reading for Business & Life Growth

Financial Discipleship:

Building a Biblical Worldview of Money

by Dr. Justin M. Henegar

Your worldview determines how you make decisions. As Christians, we need to understand how our view of God influences our behaviors, specifically how we make financial decisions. This book will help you to build on your Biblical worldview when it comes to managing money. The twelve sections cover many of main topics every Christian wrestles with, such as contentment, greed, wealth accumulation, and budgeting. Each of the 52 catechism style questions provides the reader with a question, answer, scripture memory verse, supporting scripture verses, and thoughts to consider. The Bible study section includes a passage of scripture and discussion questions. Full scripture passages and answers to the Bible study questions are found in the back of the book, making this an invaluable resource for individuals, couples, families, and small groups.

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