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"The heart of AI is borderless; its benefits are also universal."

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AIWS House

AIWS House at Dalat University is a CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE to provide leadership, research, education, training, and academic/industrial best practices for AI. One of the key elements of AIWS House is the IT platform which can (1) empower researchers and students to learn and innovate together; (2) connect and integrate with other world-class universities (Harvard, MIT, Stanford ..) for advance research and learning; (3) collaborate with top AI corporations in Vietnam and outside of Vietnam (Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft) to deliver practical and impactful results of AI projects.

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AI Center of Excellent Workspace

AI Connected Conference Zone

AIWS Square

AIWS Leadership and Innovation Programs

  • AI for Breakthrough
  • 2020 focus on AI for Vietnam Tourist, a new model of AI-university.

AIWS Datahub