Minor Programs

College of Liberal Arts Minor Programs

Below is the list of CLA Minor Programs offered for Term 1, AY 2022-2023.

Deadline of Application: June 4, 2022

Lifted from the HDA of the College of Liberal Arts.

Department of Sociology and Behavioral Sciences

  • Minor in Organizational and Social Systems Development

  • Minor in Sociology

  • Minor in Social Science Research Methods

  • Minor in Program Development and Social Impact Assessment

  • Minor in Sports Studies (Sports Health Track)

  • Minor in Sports Studies (Sports Promotion Track)

Application Link: https://forms.gle/aEtCWmVArU4a1UQx6

For inquiries, please contact: Dr. Crisanto Regadio; crisanto.regadio@dlsu.edu.ph

Department of Communication

  • Minor in Film (Application is closed for Term 2)

  • Minor in Communication and New Media (Application is closed for Term 2)

  • Minor in Science Communication for STEM Majors (Application is closed for Term 2)

Requirements to qualify: CGPA of 2.0

For inquiries, please contact: Dr. Cheryll Ruth Soriano; cheryll.soriano@dlsu.edu.ph

Departamento ng Filipino

  • Minor in Philippine Language Studies

    • Inilalatag ng kursong ito ang pangkalahatang pananaw at iskolasip sa larang ng pag-aaral ng wikang Filipino at iba pang mga wika sa Pilipinas. Binibigyang-diin sa programa ang pagtalakay sa mga kaalamang pangwika at ang pag-unawa sa mga fenomenong humuhubog at nagpapaulang sa wikang Filipino at sa iba pang mga wika sa bansa.

  • Minor in Philippine Cultural Studies

    • Inilalatag ng kursong ito ang pangkalahatang pananaw at iskolarsyip sa larang ng pangkulturang pag-aaral sa Pilipinas. Inaasahang higit na mabibigyan ng kaalaman at kasanayan ang mga mag-aaral sa kritikal na pagtingin at pagsusuri ng mga usapin at isyung pumapaloob sa kulturang Pilipino.

  • Minor in Philippine Media Studies

    • Inilalatag ng kursong ito ang pangkalahatang pananaw at iskolarsyip sa larang ng pag-aaral sa mass media sa Pilipinas. Binibigyang-diin sa programa ang pagtalakay sa mass media sa bansa at ang pag-unawa sa mga fenomenong humuhubog at nagpapaunlad ng larang ng mass media mula nang pumasok ito sa bansa hanggang sa kasalukuyan.

Application Link: https://forms.gle/gSRAqwS5uHkTk6Gu9

For inquiries, please contact: Ms. Deborrah Anastacio; deborrah.anastacio@dlsu.edu.ph

Department of History

  • Minor in History (Public History and Heritage Track)

Requirements: Must have taken and passed GERPHIS or KASPIL2

Application Link: https://forms.gle/uM954YZzp4JEzHWH9

For inquiries, please contact: Dr. Arleigh Dela Cruz; arleigh.delacruz@dlsu.edu.ph

Department of International Studies

  • Minor in American Studies

  • Minor in Chinese Studies

  • Minor in European Studies

  • Minor in Japanese Studies

Requirements: Completion of Contemporary World (GEWORLD) before applying

Application Link: https://forms.gle/eCsXsebi76XLDFeo9

For inquiries, please contact: Dr. Francis Domingo; francis.domingo@dlsu.edu.ph

Department of Literature

  • Minor in Creative Writing

Requirement: Sample writings

Application Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSemcH-npklN5yE4tmmWPso4RoLvC7w4lZehrP4-BiyWLu51pQ/viewform?usp=pp_url

For inquiries, please contact: Dr. Anne Richie Balgos; anne.balgos@dlsu.edu.ph

Department of Philosophy

  • Minor in Philosophy

Requirement: (CRITHIN, PHILOPE, & INTFILO for ID 117 & below; THINKIN & GEETHICS for ID 118 & above; NOTE: students currently taking any of these courses can still apply)

Application Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeRmiUhWOucbqZvRspA2Fplqi0EdKv9f0WGKqr5eUntdGOrXA/viewform?usp=pp_url

For inquiries, please contact: Dr. Leni Garcia; elenita.garcia@dlsu.edu.ph or any officers of the Samahan ng mga Lasalyanong Pilosopo at pilosopo@dlsu.edu.ph

Department of Political Science and Development Studies

  • Minor in Political Science

  • Minor in Development Studies

Requirement: CGPA of at least 2.0.

Application Link: https://forms.gle/YthwBRVZSaKrRnEs9

For inquiries, please contact: Ms. Rosa Babel Teehankee; rosa.calilung@dlsu.edu.ph

Department of Psychology

  • Minor in Psychology

Requirement: CGPA of at least 2.5

Details about the Minor Program in Psychology: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yx2Ny745AtnrZqoINPGmiR0K0FyP1eqH?usp=sharing

For inquiries, please contact: VicechairPSYCH@dlsu.edu.ph

Department of Theology and Religious Education

  • Minor in Spirituality

Requirement: None

Application Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScnzl-ZhdNobgXAA9QGIJG3zwUaA3W6NdrSKtLD4cT1yCcrcA/viewform?usp=pp_url

For inquiries, please contact: Dr. Mac Cordero; dalmacito.cordero@dlsu.edu.ph

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there prerequisite courses for CLA minors?

⮕ Yes, there are prerequisite courses for some CLA minors. Kindly refer to the following:

  • Minor in History: Must have taken and passed GERPHIS or KASPIL2

  • Minor in American Studies, Chinese Studies, European Studies, and Japanese Studies: Completion of GEWORLD before applying

  • Minor in Philosophy: CRITHIN, PHILOPE, & INTFILO for ID 117 & below; THINKIN & GEETHIC for ID 118 & above (students currently taking any of these courses can still apply)

What is the difference between required minors and free minors?

⮕ Required minors are found in your flowchart, under course code "MINOR01", "MINOR02", and so on. If you see these course codes in your flowchart, it means you are required to take a Minor program.

⮕ Free minors are not required and free of charge, except for additional fees such as laboratory and other fees. When you accomplish the necessary free electives for a specific minor program, you have accomplished a free minor.

Can I apply for a minor program from other colleges besides CLA?

⮕ Yes. You need to inquire from the college/department where your chosen minor program is being offered. Ask for their application procedure. Different colleges may have a different application procedure.

How do I enroll for the minor courses?

You may enlist for your minor course through animo.sys during the enlistment period. Please take note that doing so means you intend to pay for your minors courses.

Note: If you only intend to take minors for free, DO NOT enlist for the course in animo.sys. Apply through https://bit.ly/Free_Elective_CLA during the adjustment period instead. Keep in mind that applying for free electives does not guarantee a slot.

If we take a minor, how long does it usually last?

⮕ It usually lasts for four (4) terms but it still depends on the minor units you have to take based on your minor program course checklist. If your minor program allows you to take more than one (1) minor per term, you can finish faster.

Does the requirement of minors need to be reflected in my flowchart?

⮕ No. Requirements under each minor program is usually announced through HDA or by the department in which your minor program is under in.

Does having a "W" grade affect my acceptance into the minor program?

-->This depends if the minor has prerequisites. It is important that you must meet the requirements of a specific minor program in order to be accepted, this includes passing the pre-required course. However, if a minor program does not specify any requirements, then having a grade of "W" will not affect your application.

Should I pre-enlist for minor courses?

⮕ If your minor is part of your flowchart, kindly pre-enlist the general course code. (eg: MINOR01, MINOR02). Pre-enlisting for minor courses you applied for is not required, although recommended.

Can I have more than one minor program?

⮕ Yes, you may. However, only one will be part of your diploma.

How will I know if I got accepted into the minor program I applied for?

⮕ The accepting department will update you on your application status before enlistment.

Will taking a minor add to the expenses of my tuition fee?

⮕ If required minor, it is reflected in your flowchart units, thus it is expected that you have to pay for it in your tuition for you to take and complete it. If free minor, it will not add to your expenses as long as you did not drop it after applying.

Will taking a minor prolong my stay in college?

⮕ It depends if you consistently follow your flowchart or how you plan to take your minors per term.


Am I allowed to drop my minor?

⮕ You may drop or withdraw your minor. However, surcharges will be applied.

How many minor units can I take per term?

⮕ For required minors, it depends on the specified number of units advised by the department that hosts your minor program. However, for free minors, a maximum of 3 units can only be enrolled for each term.

Will taking minors possibly affect my number of terms?

⮕ It depends. If you follow the specified term you need to take the minor course, it will not prolong the number of your terms.

Since minors are required in CLA, can we take 2 minor courses at a time?

⮕ Yes, you may. For as long as one minor course is not a pre-requisite for the other.

If I fail a minor course, am I allowed to retake it?

⮕ No. All academic courses are not allowed to be retaken.


How many units are needed to complete a CLA minor program?

⮕ All CLA minors programs except Minor in Psychology require 12 units of minor courses to complete them. A total of 15 units are required to complete the minor in Psychology.

Will the grades I receive from the minor courses be included in my GPA, CGPA, and Official Transcript of Records?

⮕ Yes, the grades you will receive are included in the respective term’s GPA, CGPA, and TOR.

Can classes taken as a free electives be credited into a minor program?

⮕ Yes, they may be, for as long as you have successfully taken 12 units of free electives that are courses under the minor program.

Will free minors be credited?

⮕ Free electives/ minors can be credited or audited. This means it can be part of your CGPA or not, but will nevertheless still be part of your unit count.

Will the minor courses I took be automatically credited in my Curriculum Audit?

⮕ You need to have your minor subjects credited using the Course Crediting Form. Kindly do this once you've completed all the necessary courses for your minor program.

  1. The course crediting form may be found at bit.ly/CourseCreditingForm.

  2. Afterwards, send it to cla.support@dlsu.edu.ph and cc gina.espenilla@dlsu.edu.ph with your complete ID number.

Will my minor program be reflected in my diploma?

⮕ Yes, your minor will appear beside your base degree program on your diploma once you graduate.