Mark Green


Mark Green (1977) was born and raised in Breda. In his school years he discovered dance music and was immediately interested. As with so many young DJs, he got to know fellow disc jockeys through the music store where he used to buy his records on a weekly basis. Eventually, buying records became a regular meeting, with cups of coffee and endless conversations about hot new tracks, leading to new friendships with such names as Dazzle and Cor Fijneman. It was during these moments that he met with DJ Tiësto and found his inspiration to start spinning vinyl himself.

The year 1994 formed the landmark for Mark to introduce the world of dance to his name DJ Mark Green, nowadays simply written as Mark Green. Radio performances became a regular part of his everyday life and slowly but surely he established his reputation during both small and bigger gigs, leading to his kick-off in 2002 as resident DJ for the Tiësto ‘sanctuary’ better known as The Spock. His residency there not only proved that Mark Green had the skills to entertain his audience, but also that he was the perfect choice for flawless mixes, which was unanimously underlined when he won the Dutch Mixing Championships in that same year. The small club became a source of various experiences on several levels; especially in the field of an ever changing audience which forced him to be on top of things and building on solid technical skills. Besides his residency in Spock, which eventually ended early 2007, he was the driving force behind ‘Spektrum’; a monthly techno based night with established names and new talent.

Over the years, Mark started playing mixes with an ever growing variety in styles, basically defining his own ‘sound’. The different audiences he faced every week at Spock simply forced him to widen his horizon with Club, Funk, Trance and Techno influences, from which the latter has his main interest.

Mark nowadays makes a living as A&R manager of Black Hole Recordings and is responsible for a steady output of high quality dance in general and trance in particular; at the same time scouting fresh new talent, making sure that he delivers real artists that maybe once dreamed of the job he finally found.

Mark Green continues DJing all over the country as much as possible and is determined to develop his career with producing his own music.



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