This is S M Monowar Kayser Moon.

I have highly interest in Drawing , photography, animation, visual effects, programming and cinematography.

So, I decided to study at Multimedia & Creative Technology in Daffodil International University.

I have got PSC, JSC, SSC scholarships from Dinajpur Education Board & HSC scholarship from Dhaka Education Board as well as Talent Hunt Scholarship Spring-2018 in Daffodil International University.

After covering 5 semesters from Daffodil International University, I can say that I have some quality experiences in Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD , C , C sharp programming, 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects.

Now-a-days, I am learning Autodesk Maya,Web Engineering & FL Studio.

Here in this site, there are some of my Drawings, paintings, articles, mobile captures & some certificates.

My aim is to be a Concept Artist. But in future , it may change according to my skills & activities.

I am trying my best.

Keep me in your prayers.

Thank you.