Samsul Alam, a person who loves it when people are truly happy is a dreamer and likes to shape his dream into reality. His favourite quote is the works that one left will remember him/her. His early childhood spent in his village with hardship but with a zing. He is used to lead a simple life. He completed his MBA and BBA in MIS dept. from University of Dhaka with a brilliant academic records and a considerable experience in IT who also completed MSc. (Master by Research) from University of Extremadura, Spain through full funded Scholarship awarded by ERASMUS MUNDUS LEADER Project. He participated in various training, workshop, and seminar. He is also involved in volunteer works and took some projects for social works. His vision is to be a renowned public University Professor where he can utilize his innovative way of thinking. He is a hard worker, truthful, punctual & sincere in his work. He’s a dreamer and likes to shape his dream into reality. His hobbies are travelling and operating PC along with other activities. His long term goal is to serve his mother land. Samsul Alam is a person having faith in Almighty Allah, a boy from Madaripur District, Bangladesh want to publish resourceful research papers in renowned journals. Currently he is serving Daffodil International University as a lecturer of MIS from September, 2016.