Vision Statement


Anerley Street Vocational Centre’s vision is to support all learners with SEND. Identification of specific SEND needs is achieved through our induction/assessment center - which operates around nurture principles. Our intention is to motivate and encourage our learners through personal pathways and become confident, successful, independent learners.


Using the data collated from our half termly data drops and the information from Induction assessments - a bespoke curriculum will be provided for each learner. Student’s access classes of approximately eight with additional small group and 1:1 interventions (depending on need) Additional therapeutic interventions are also offered, such as SALT, Art therapy and counselling if required.


By providing a safe and nurturing environment, and a structured approach to learning outcomes - our learner’s bridge the gaps in their understanding. Learners will experience success through close monitoring of need and development of resilience which in turn will accelerate their progress.

updated by AHo 07.11.19