Students at Anerley Street Vocational Centre have the opportunity to study GCSE English language, Functional Skills and Entry Level qualifications in English. They engage in various GCSE topics including autobiographical writing, biographies, non-fiction text types, 19th century fiction, imaginative and transactional writing.

Alongside these, functional reading and writing skills are developed and there is a strong focus on the element of speaking and listening. Students have the opportunity to improve their confidence in self-expression within a range of contexts and situations; taking active roles in debates, discussions and presentations.

Students are encouraged to take pride in the presentation of their work and to transfer their learning into other areas of the curriculum.


The Mathematics department at Anerley Street offers students the opportunity to achieve success in line with a mainstream school. All students will have access to a full GCSE curriculum either at Foundation level or where students are able at the Higher tier.

Alongside the GCSE qualification, all students will access the Functional Skills programme where students will be able to succees at both Entry level and Level 1/2 dependant on their individual ability.

As an education provider, within the Mathematics department we have made a conscious decision to break the mould and adopt an ethos of positivity, and an 'I can' approach to the subject in order that we can overcome student perceptions that they have been 'kicked out' of education and can't go on to succees.

Information Technology

Students at Anerley Street complete a BTEC Level 1 Award entitled 'IT for Users'. This award is designed to give the students a chance to develop their knowledge and skills in the following key areas:

'Improving productivity' - Students pursue a project designed to help a user communicate or process information, using a selection of IT systems and tools.

'User fundamentals' - Students will use IT systems to organise, store and retrieve information understanding the need for safety and security practices. They will also carry out routine maintenance of IT systems and resolve problems

'Using the internet' - Students will learn the skills to safely and securely connect to the internet, navigate web pages, search for information and communicate online.

Our young people use Google Drive throughout their IT lessons to ensure that they are adept at working collaboratively in the modern world.


The Certificate of Personal Effectiveness is a long established course at Anerley Street and seeks to accredit students for their project work around certain core key skills.

It is a substantial, nationally recognised Level 2 qualification in skills development. It enables students to practise, develop and demonstrate six important skills that are required for success in higher education, training or employment.

The skills covered include: 'Working with others', 'Improving own learning/performance', 'Problem solving', 'Research skills', 'Discussion skills' and 'Presentation skills'.


The aim of the PSHE course at Anerley Street is to develop our young people's knowledge of current social. health and emotional issues. With these skills, we believe that our students will be better able to tackle the problems that may face them now and in their future lives.

Our PSHE course includes challenges such as keeping healthy, social relationships, careers and your future, wellbeing, intimate relationships and economic responsibility. We also use the programme to address specific issues such as 'British Values' and PREVENT.

Students are encouraged to take part in workshops and engage with educational partnerships, in order to access the most relevant experiences and secure their learning and skills.



Art & Design is a popular and successful subject at Anerley Street. Our artists achieve fantastic results and we are incredibly proud of the amazing artwork our students produce.

We offer GCSE Art, Craft & Design for Level 2 students. This involves completing three projects, experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques, looking at Artists’ work and developing creative outcomes.

We also offer Silver Arts Award as a shorter, Level 1 option. Within this course, students will have the opportunity to visit an Art exhibition, experiment with materials and develop leadership skills through teaching a skill to others.

Food Technology

This course will be an exciting opportunity for all students to enjoy cooking and eat the food they make. Learners will be introduced to basic cooking skills by following recipes for simple dishes and learning how to use kitchen equipment safely. Each recipe is underpinned with knowledge about sourcing food, nutrition, hygiene and food safety where relevant.

Learners will demonstrate their skills by follwoing a recipe. Learners will consider the value of acquiring skills for cooking at home and explore ways to pass on their knowledge of cooking to others.

Hair beauty

Hair and Beauty

This course develops the skills and knowledge required to prepare you for employment in the Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy industry.

You will learn independently and as part of a team, to experience both theory and practical salon environments. The course is delivered by specialised educational professionals, who have industry and teaching experience.

The course includes an Introduction to the hair and beauty sector, presenting a professional image, shampooing and conditioning, manicure and nail art, styling hair and make-up application.

Students can develop practical skills to perform a range of treatments and prepare to progress onto level 2 courses.

Sport and Active Leisure

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