who benefits?

Who benefits when we code an app?

We love working together on projects and creating games!

The money we make from selling we drew you goes to the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation, which helps kids with cancer. We chose this charity because it helps kids with cancer and the people that work there give all their time to try and help the kids. We tried to help them to by making an app. We hope people will donate money and then the kids will get to play the app and will be happy. One more thing is that the money will pay for medicine and tools.

The third reason we chose the charity is because a baseball player wants to help kids with cancer! Isn't that cool? Are we right or are we right?! We think it's great because baseball players usually think about their games or their pitches, but Anthony Rizzo thinks about something else. The first time you think of a cancer foundation do you think of the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation? Probably not. So, it makes him VERY special.

The second benefit is for the people that buy the app. The app will help them be creative and express their feelings and imagination.

The last benefit is for us. The App Development group (us) works together, shares thoughts and thinking, works as a team, and most of all: we have fun! Having fun is a very important part. Mr. McClendon helped us a lot! So, those are some benefits of the app.

Written By: Ishika, Ayelet, Arabella