we drew you creation process

We went through a lot of steps to bring our app together. We started learning to code in Apple's Swift Playground, an app that has many activities to help you learn how to code. Once we had an idea of what we wanted our app to be about, we started making...

Racing Quest was to be the app that we were going to create. If you played Racing Quest you could design your character and then race in a car of your selection.

Then a girl in our class had an idea. It was her dad’s job to make websites and computer designs and he had been doing it for years. So we scheduled a time for him to come in and help us. Mr. McClendon came in and told us a racing game was to hard to make. But he also told us that we didn't do all of that work for nothing. He said that the character building part of the app was a great idea! So we started thinking of names for our new app. After a while we finally agreed on…

We drew some sketches on what we wanted our app to be like (Isa drew this one).

When we thought all of our drawings were complete, we asked Mr. McClendon to come in and meet with us again. When he came in to talk with us, we told him the name of our app. He said that since he did not know what the name of the app was, he had been putting in the name we drew you. We all agreed on that name because we actually drew all of the body parts. So our app is now named we drew you!

We Couldn't Have Done It Without Mr. McClendon!

Written By: Kate, Isa, Eleanor, Kareem, and Jackson