LPIS 8th Grade Math Classes

Welcome to math! I have taught middle school math for the past 10 years. I believe passionately that all students can do math. Mindset is the most important key to success in math. Being willing to try and not being afraid to make mistakes and learn from them is the biggest key to math achievement. Mathematical problem solving and critical thinking are skills that surpass the classroom. This skills are everyday life skills. With hard-work and perseverance, math class can be a place to learn to think outside the box and take risks; a place for students to be in charge of their learning and think critically about problems they encounter.

"Taking math courses matters. Research studies have established that the more math classes students take, the higher their earnings ten years later, with advanced math courses predicting an increase in salary as high as 19.5% ten years after high school. Research has also found that students who take advanced math classes learn ways of working and thinking - especially learning to reason and be logical - that make them more productive in their jobs. Students taking advanced math learn how to approach mathematical situations so that once they are employed, they are promoted to more demanding and highly paid positions than those who did not take mathematics to advanced levels." - Rose & Betts (2004). The Effect of High School Courses on Earnings. Review of Economics and Statistics, 86(2), 497-513

Daily Pre-Algebra Class Agenda

Daily Algebra Class Agenda

Turn in Assignment: Start of Class

Warm-Up: 5 minutes

Lesson: 25 minutes (loaded on to Google Classroom daily)

Practice Assignment: 25 minutes (anything not finished becomes homework)

Warm Up: 5 minutes

Questions on Lesson Notes: 10 minutes

Concept Practice: 30 minutes

Exit Ticket: 10 minutes