iPad App Request

"Give a teacher an app, she has a lesson. Teach her how to find apps, she can facilitate learning for a lifetime"

How do I request an app for the D65 Student App Store?

  1. Determine if the app you are requesting has already been submitted for review by checking the D65 Student App Store List. There are 4 tabs on the list to check: approved, pending review, not approved, and apps automatically pushed to iPads (also called Core Apps).
  2. If you would like to request an app that is not already approved or a Core app, fill out the D65 Student iPad App Request Form.
  3. App requests will be reviewed by the Instructional Tech team around the 1st and 15th of each month. You will be notified by email if the app request was approved or not approved. Please allow 1 week after approval for the app to appear in the D65 Student App Store (Self Service).

What are the reasons an app may not be approved?

  • The app is not free.
  • The app is free but requires a paid subscription.
  • An app with similar capabilities already exists in the D65 Student App Store.
  • The app does not provide a substantial learning benefit to students and/or does not align with learning standards.
  • The app contains a feature that can interfere with student safety.
  • The terms of service do not align with D65's Acceptable Use Policy.

Will only free apps be approved?

Free apps are more likely to be approved but there are multiple criteria taken into consideration when evaluating an app for approval. That is why the most important question on the request form is "How do you plan to use this app in the classroom?". Please include as much information as possible so we have a blear understanding of how the app aligns to learning standards and will benefit students.

What happens if my app request is not approved?

Due to the volume of app requests, we may not be able to offer a full detailed explanation in the decision email. Please contact the Instructional Tech team if you would like to discuss the details. If an app request has been denied, we are more than willing to re-evaluate the decision. We may ask you to re-submit the request form, get a recommendation from an instructional coach, or get approval from a principal.

How do I find the best apps for my classroom?

The best way to find good apps is to connect with other teachers. Visit the Shake Up Learning website for a list of websites, databases, app lists and more that will help you in finding the right apps for your classroom.

Who should I contact if I have need a recommendation for an app or have additional questions?

The D65iTech team is always willing to help! We can be reached by phone or email: