The mission of the D65 Instructional Technology Team is to support staff by providing information, training, and resources that promote the district vision to inspire students creativity, academic achievement, personal growth, and positive contributions to a global society.

Through professional development opportunities and ongoing support, teachers will develop the skills to incorporate technology and facilitate experiences that will inspire student innovation and continuous improvement.

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Quick Links

Elena Cáceres

Director of Instructional Technology

Wilfred (Fred) Ortiz

Instructional Technology Facilitator

Nick Lamb

Instructional Technology Facilitator

Other District Support

  1. Technology Support - Every school has an assigned building technician. They will be able to help with questions or problems with equipment that is located in your classroom including your MacBook, projector, interactive whiteboard and your document camera. They can also help you if you have problems with passwords, MFA, or 1Password:

  2. Instructional Technology - If you need help with technology training (hardware, software, apps, etc) and ways to implement technology into your curriculum:

  3. PowerSchool - Training, integration, new hire additions, location changes:

  4. Data Support - Standardized Testing (MAP, IAR, etc), ISEL, DRA, student records, etc:

  5. Classroom Phone - Questions related to setting up your phone or classroom voicemail:

  6. Human Resources - For questions related to HR:

  7. Alio Support- Questions regarding the Alio Financial System or Alio Intelligence: