Student Email

Grades 6-8

Email is available for all 6-8 grade students. All student email addresses contain their student ID with added to it as their username. In SISK12, the Computer Login no longer appears in the list of options in the Student Data Grid. The computer login is now called Student ID which is six digits and appears as ID in Field Name column.

Emails sent and received can be deleted. However, any email will still exist within our Google server and can be retrieved if need be. Please review the resources below with your staff and students. Students will be able to see the sender's and receiver's name and email address.

Please share the video below which was produced by Gary Cipinko and students at King Arts on proper ways to use student email.

Student Email Video

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is an organization that provides very useful information and resources for helping students be successful in a world of media and technology. The following links contain information on cyberbullying, responsibility, digital citizenship, and talking online in safe way.

Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding

Rings of Responsibility

Digital Citizenship Pledge

Talking Safely Online

District 65 Email (Chute)

Thanks to Regina Colquitt for sharing her Google Slide presentation on student email.