Computer Login

If you are a new teacher to District 65, your computer login is the following:

last name first initial. For example: Joe Smith would be smithj

Please note: if there is another name with the same last name and first initial, a number will added.

If you are logging into a computer (Mac) for the first time your password will be 12345678

Google Drive

You can log in to your District 65 GoogleDrive account by going to docs.district65.net (Chrome is the preferred browser) (Macbook, PC). You can also find the Google Drive login if you go to District65.net and to to Staff Resources > Google Drive Login

Your login for Google Drive is the same as your computer login.

You can download the GoogleDrive app on your smartphone, tablet - please note, some features might be limited on these devices.

Internet Access

All teachers and staff will connect to the District_65 wireless network. This network is available to all full-time staff including teachers and administrators. Your MacBook Pro will automatically connect to the District_65 wireless network. If you attempt to connect to the District_65 network and are asked for a password, please have someone create a support ticket on your behalf (information about support ticket requests are below).

Students using Macs, Chromebooks, Chrome Desktops or iPads will connect to the D65_Student.

Support Tickets

There are 4 main ways to request help in your school:

1. Technology Support - Every school has an assigned building technician. He/she will be able to help with questions or problems with equipment that is located in your classroom including your MacBook Pro, projector, interactive whiteboard and your document camera. They can also help you if you have problems with passwords, To create a ticket to support, create a new message in Gmail and type in support. The following address should appear: support@district65.net.

In the subject write the main issue you need help with. In the message, type in all the details about your issue. Include your name, room number and the best times to contact you.

2. Student Support - If you have any issues with SISK12 such as student rosters or problems with attendance, grading or your GradeBook, create a new message and type in student and select student@district65.net.

3. Instructional Technology Support - If you have any questions on how to use a particular program or app, or would like to request a training please create a new message and type in Instructional Technology and select instructionaltech@district65.net.

4. Phone Support - Questions related to setting up your phone or classroom voicemail please create a message and type in phones and select phones@district65.net.

Classroom Equipment

You may find the following pieces of equipment in your classroom:

  • Projection system with a Promethean Board or an interactive Epson projector with a dry-erase whiteboard
  • Document Camera - Black Avervision or a white Epson document camera

To connect your MacBook Pro laptop you will need to use your white VGA adapter that came with your computer when it was issued to you. Your document camera has a VGA port where you can connect your projector cable directly to the back of the document camera.