Extra curricular

Extra Curricular Activities

In line with our commitment to provide our students with a ‘holistic’ education, the extracurricular program is an important part of the DIS program. We attempt to offer a variety of activities to cover arts, sports and community service and expose students to activities which are not generally available elsewhere in Dili. We also offer additional academic tuition.

Activities start at 3:10pm and finish at 4:10pm

Extra-curricular activities are dependent upon available expertise, so they can change from term to term.

If you have a skill you would like to offer or know of an activity available in the community that could be included, please contact Yolanda on the below email address.

Below is a complete list of all term 4 activities. If you have any queries please send an email direct to ydeassis@distimor.org

All activities for term 4 will remain the same. Only changes are the cancellation of ninja warriors and addition of Champion Chess Club. If your child wishes to withdraw from their current activity please advise Ms Yolanda via email or via student's KIT books.

If you are new to DIS please see below a full list of our activities.

Extracurricular 2017 Term 4 - Main List of Activities 10-4.png