The Arts in the Primary

The arts are important areas of learning in the Primary Years Programme (PYP). In all areas of learning, the PYP teacher values imagination, creativity and original thinking. This may be especially evident through the arts. The arts are built into the curriculum as essential areas of learning, not added on as optional extras. Students are required to be exposed to all three arts (visual arts, music, drama) in the PYP (IBO, 2004).

Art in Secondary

In the Middle Years Programme Art is offered as a subject for Grades 7 and 10 for one semester a year. Extra curricular art classes are also offered to ensure students have a way to express themselves creatively and build portfolios.

School Productions

Both Primary and Secondary run school productions which are a spectacular display of theatre and music. The primary production is run every two years and on the alternate year students perform at an end of year concert.