First formal year of school @DIS

Information regarding the first year of schooling at Dili International School.

A child's formal education starts in Primary School at Dili International School.

At D.I.S we follow guidelines and recommendations from the Australian Curriculum Council regarding the commencement of formal learning. The first formal year of school is called ‘Transition’. This is the year one of the primary school. The class intake is for all children who are 5 years old by May 31st of that year. This follows the guidelines from Victoria Australia.

For many countries around the world the first year of formal school is not until a child is 6 years old. Please see the comparison table below for more information

Because of this, many parents may then ask whether or not their child can wait and start formal school when they turn 6 going directly to grade 1 (second year of Primary) and miss the first year.

Our school policy is that if a child has no formal schooling then they will be required to start in the first year of school (transition), regardless of their age. It is highly recomended that a child start their education at D.I.S in the year that they turn 6, and may start in the year that they turn 5, provided their birthday is before May the 31st

This is because the first year of school is especially taught to cater for beginning readers and writers. It is an expectation that students entering the second formal year of schooling have already developed beginner reading and writing skills.