About the owners

Dili International School was created in January 2003 by current owners Carmel Bates and Anthony Tony Haritos.

The rationale was principally to educate their own three children whilst Tony was managing his shipping and logistics operation ... principally in Dili, also later in Darwin, as well as Aceh following the December 26, 2004 tsunami.*

Carmel is managing director, Tony co-director / finance manager.

Carmel and Tony are delighted DIS is celebrating its 16th year of operation.

Tony says: "Carmel was that Melbourne child whose dream was to journey to darkest Africa and be swallowed up whilst nursing children caught-up in calamitous circumstances.

"Carmel got as far as Dili, via Darwin and me. DIS is her version of that dream, having been swallowed up in creating an opportunity for Timorese children to enjoy world's best-practice-curriculum education whilst living with their families in their own home in their own country, and expat children as well.

"DIS has been blood, sweat and tears redefined, and not a few laughs thrown in.

"All said, not a bad incarnation of that child's forethought I would think. What a gift to us all.

"Carmel is a spirit of the finest quality. "

Carmel: "Tony's ongoing support of the school was critical in those early, often dark certainly difficult years, particularly the 2006 riots and their aftermath, when any sensible person would have walked away from the smoking ruins and losses.

"Sixteen years later DIS survives and i believe, thrives, and by any measure has been a worthwhile creation.

"I cannot thank enough the countless people who have worked hard to make DIS a better place for the thousands of children who have attended over 16 years."

. . . . . . .

Haritos Shipping and Logistics *