Logo and Identity

The logo of dista is the representation of the core values of dista, which form a shape similar to "d". The logo includes, the letter d, a location pin and the abstracted version of artificial intelligence, aka, AI. The artwork is accompanied by the word dista in bold letters and follow the same colour theme. The height of the letter d should be equal to the width of the logo artwork

While using this logo, we need to take care of the following usage guidelines.

| Breathing space

The logo should be used with sufficient space around. The spaces are determined by the height and width of the logo artwork

| Logo variations

Only the authorised versions of the logo should be used. Here are the versions of the logo along with the name.

These logos have been created with the space around.

You can simply copy and paste the logo when necessary.
All the logos here have transparent backgrounds and can be saved on your local machine. Use save as PNG option while saving these. for google slides and docs, simple copy paste can work. the grey background will not get copied!!

For svg / vector format logos, click here.

| Google cloud Partner badge

We are now official partners of the google cloud community and hence we have earned the right to use the partner badge alongside Dista's logo. Please be mindful about when to use the logo with the badge and when to use plain Dista logo. Here are a few examples.

When to use the logo with the badge

  • Online, on websites

  • On social media as long as there is a link to our website

  • On marketing content, but not just the badge, it has to be accompanied by the dista logo

  • Customer facing presentations

When NOT to use the logo with the badge

  • Never use the badge in parts

  • Never use the badge on the merchandise

  • On business documents like invoices and receipts

  • Never use the logo and the badge without enough breathing space

  • Never use the badge with partial visibility

Below are the logos without the text. These logos are to be used when there is a space constraint. These too have been created with the considerations of the breathing space

Below are the logos with text below the artwork. These logos are to be used when there is a constraint of horizontal space availability.

| Logo backgrounds

versions of logo can be used on different backgrounds provided the legibility and the proportions are kept intact. As far the backgrounds are pure white or pure black, we can use the coloured and grayscale versions of the logo.

| Special cases

For special cases, the logo colour scheme can be altered, provided you take prior permission from the design department. The usecase for the same could be when we are trying to use the logo for cobranding.

Special Case light

Special Case dark

Special Case light vertical

Special Case dark vertical

| Logo Crimes

The logo of dista has been created with the intent of being used in a specific manner. please avoid making the following mistakes to ensure the logo is legible and carries the brand forward.

Do no squeeze / stretch the logo

Do not add shadows

Do not alter the colours

Take care of the background

Do not use two different versions

Do not change the fonts

| Say hello to Dee, the bee, who represents "DEE-sta"

Ok, storytime...

Dista essentially works with three locations.

  • One location, from where the customer requests a service/product

  • One location that fulfils the customer request. it could be a restaurant, service hub, bank or any other service station, and

  • One location where the bosses sit, who monitor the entire transaction.

The honeybee was chosen to be a mascot for our company since

  • Bees are sincere

  • Bees have flat hierarchy

  • Bees have dedicated workforces, just like we have core, configuration and support teams

  • Bees have amazing sense of location and navigation

  • Bees are symbiotic. they help the plants grow, while they get the honey

  • and our code infrastructure diagram looks like a beehive.

So the three location pins were rearranged in the form of a honeybee

After adding a few more details, our mascot, Dee the bee was ready

| Branding Assets

Here, you can download all the necessary files.