Mrs. Marunde's Classroom

6th Grade Math & 7th Grade Science

Hi! My name is Nicole Marunde. I teach 6th grade math and 7th grade science here at Prairie Grove Junior High. I formerly taught 6th and 7th grade math/science, 6th grade science, preschool, and worked as a 1:1 Special Education aide. I have 2 children, Ashley and Blake- Ashley is a freshman at CLS and Blake is in 7th grade. Both Ashley and Blake LOVE math, which they would say is their favorite subject in school. Although we have many animals in our home, Ashley's particular fascination is herpetology and reptiles. For that reason, we have 6 lizards to keep us busy! Blake's passion is soccer. To prepare for the upcoming season he uses his mathematical knowledge of angles and ability to estimate measurements to perfect his shots on goal.


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Marunde's Class Syllabus

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