Park EFS

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

~ Kid President

Welcome to EFS!

Welcome to EFS! We are thrilled to have you in our classes this year. This year in our Executive Functioning Skills class, we will focus our time on organization, homework/project completion, and working towards academic goals. We will have lessons to help develop skills in the areas of time management, organization, and study strategies. `

This webpage was created to provide a reference to daily homework and, on occasion, additional supports. The drop down menu on the top right will offer you access to the 7th Grade and 8th Grade Homework Boards, additional resources, and a look at who comprises the resource team. Each homework board will display one week that will be updated daily. On Monday of each week, a new week’s board will be displayed. Don’t hesitate to contact your EFS teacher if you have questions or suggestions for this webpage. We look forward to an awesome 2018-2019.

The Park Resource Team