Disney Pet Painter Commissions


Hi There!

My name is Cheyenne and I'm a digital illustrator based in New York. Animals are my favorite subject. Their individuality never ceases to amaze me. It comes naturally to me to emphasize their person-like qualities as I draw them with the nostalgic inspiration from the great Walt Disney animated films that we all share a love for. As a full time artist my mission is to capture the unique character of your pets because I know how special they are to you! 


70 USD per pet

 Background Options:

The final portrait will be an 18"x24" digital jpeg file. You can request a different size  if you like. Custom portraits are for personal use only. PayPal, Debit and Credit are accepted.

Pre-drawn Backgrounds


How To Order

To order a commission please send the following information to hello@disneypetpainter.com :