Student Council


Dominican International School Kaohsiung

Our mission as a student council is to help improve school life for all of the people in the DISK extended community.

Hey everyone!

We have an scooter wash coming up this March 28th, from 2:45 to 3:30. Each scooter cost 150 NT. The lemonade with cups cost for 15 NT and without the cups cost 10 NT. That's all from us! Thanks for visiting! Bye!



Here is the poster for our upcoming pizza day fundraiser. Come along and support the StuCo to reach our fundraising target for the camping trip.

The movie Coco was for the upper elementary, while The Secret Life of Pets was for the kindergarten and the upper elementary. The students had a great time and they really enjoyed the popcorn because it was all gone at the end! Thank you for supporting Student Council everyone!


On January 26th will be our movie day. 70 NT includes movie, popcorn, and drink. The refill for the popcorn will be 10 NT. For PK to Third Grade the movie will be The Secret Life of Pets and for Grades 4 to 8 the movie will be Coco. We hope to see everyone there as we hand out popcorn and drinks!


Happy New Year on behalf of Student Council. We will be looking to make 2018 an excellent year and we look forward to planning some fun activities for everyone.


The winner of the jellybean competition is a student from 4th grade Ahmrae, by a guess of 1,621. Congratulations! :)

Hello everyone, the Student Council would like to thank everyone for the Spirit day last October 18th. Everyone was so welcoming to our exchange students from Thailand and I think they really enjoyed their stay with us. The upcoming event is the All Saints Day celebrations which will be on October 27th.


Thank you to everyone that supported the Student Council Spirit Day by dressing in their lovely red, yellow and orange for the Fire Department. It was great to see everyone having fun and learning some valuable fire safety tips.

This is our full student council for 2017-2018! I think we will create a really clean community for our school- VP (Vice President)

Spirit Day 9/20

9/1 Our first meeting went so well today! I am really happy to be working with such great brainstormers!

Mr. McKeen

Today we were able to announce our full student council except for one student who was sick :-( I am really excited about the group we have for this year and I can't wait to get to work planning activities!

Mr. McKeen

Our nominees are in and we have most of our positions filled! We will be having a vote for the Vice President of the Student Council next Wednesday and we will announce the winners from there! Remember, your vote counts!

Mr. McKeen

Get your nominations in at recess on Tuesday if you want to be a part of the student council this year! Class leaders will be voted on next week as well!

Mr. McKeen

Welcome to the school year everyone! I am happy to once again be mentoring the Student Council in 2017-2018. I would like to firstly announce that nominations for Student Council and the elections will take place in the first two weeks of school. Following that we will be able to start planning for our new spirit days held once a month, and start brainstorming ways to improve the school. It would be great to see some new faces nominate for Student Council this year and I am looking forward to working once again with a great bunch of student representatives.

Mr. McKeen