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Sep. 22, 2017

We had a wonderful time today!!!!

We learned all about the grain and we saw how do they work in their factory. We saw production working and DIY for their own supper grain drink.

It's really a nice experience to learn all the grain and how would they help for our body. They really had a great time and the very first time to work with the grinding mill, Here is our link to the album. Enjoy! and have a nice weekend.

Sep. 20, 2017

Good morning parent. We had a wonderful morning with Fire Department visited our school. They saw the real fire engine and two of the firefighters were here to have some nice activity with grades. Because some safety issue, kindergarten students are not allowed to join the activity, so we are being a great audience to watch the big sisters and brothers join those activities.

We had dress-up pictures for them and pictures with the lady from the fire department. The amazing thing is, that lady was the one who attended mission!

And we also had math game this morning with shapes, we made a pizza with different shapes and wrote down the recipe for them. They really love their pizza and ask if they could bring it home for mommy and daddy.

Here are the pictures, please enjoy!

Sep. 19, 2017

Good night, parent.

We will have our first field trip coming on this Friday. Please bring a snack for the morning and a bag of cookie or snack for us to have it in the afternoon during the trip. We plan to come back to school around 3:00 pm that day, and feel free to pick them up before 3:30, when you have decided the time to pick up the children, please let me know so you won't be waiting in the office for a long time. I think they will be very happy and tired too.

Phonics this week, we had letter /Ll/ with sound and words. The main vocabulary we will have this week will be Lion, Laugh, Lady, Lip, Lollipop. We had great fun learning with song "Landon bridge is falling down" today in the afternoon. Now they all know the sound for letter /Ll/ and we will have more rhymes coming in this week too.

The experiment we had last week " Jumping Bobbles" is amazing, and I think we will have it again this week. I will try to put on the video we took that day, and it's also easy to do it at home too! Here is the recipe for jumping bobbles:



-some toner/ lotion


- a piece of cloth

When you are ready for this things, mix detergent with toner and add some glue and make sure you mix them well. hold on the cloth when you try to hit the bobble, and you will see the magic comes!

Hope you can make it too!

Sep. 14, 2017

Good afternoon, parent.

We had Mass of Exaltation of the Cross this morning, it's a nice, warm and full of love and blessing with God. We had little Olivia and Michael from Grade 5 baptized during our Mass. May God's love always with us and sing his glory on our little children.

This week we had phonics /Mm/ recognize capital and lowercase words, with rhymes Five little Monkeys, and Mulberry Bush, and phonics rhyme with /m/ sound. We also made crafts with letter M for Minni-mouse and Monster.

Here are the rhymes we had this week.

  • Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fall down and bound his head. Mama calls the doctor and the doctor said, NO more monkeys jumping on the bed. ( reciprocal to 1 monkey )

  • Here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry, the mulberry bush. Here we go round the mulberry bush so early in the morning.

  • The Mom and Dad made many food /mmmm/.

The Mom and Dad made many foods for their hungry children.

At Math class, we keep working on numbers and shapes. Now they can count and match with numbers up to 6, but they still need practices to make numbers in the right order. We had taught shapes with circle, rectangle, triangle, square, oval, sphere, cylinder, and cube. It will be helpful if parents can use this shapes name in English during your daily life. I believe they could learn even faster.

Tomorrow is our casual Friday, children could wear their own clothes and bring one of their favorite toys to share at the social development play time.

Sep. 11, 2017

Good afternoon, parent.

What a nice day after a long weekend, I hope you had a great time during these three days.

We had some nice science experiment on Thursday, last week. we are using sugar density to make rainbow tube.

They love this idea during the science class, and they also enjoy it very much especially when I gave them some sugar to try.

Here is the link that you may try at home, but ours didn't come like that pretty and sec.

This morning, we had a nice math class with math game and artwork with shapes. Aslan had a sick leave today, so it's only me and Athena this morning.

We had an exciting news for you, we had a fish tank in Pre-K's classroom! I bought some fish at the market yesterday and recycling an old glass jar from my house. Athena was helping me this morning set up our fish tank, Athena was so excited to see the fish and helping them to make a nice and pretty house for them.

The phonic we will focus on this week will be letter /Mm/, and review /Cc/, /Bb/, /Ff/, /Rr/ with all the rhymes and songs. And Math class, we will doing shapes and numbers.

Sep. 6, 2017

Good day parents

We had wonderful days during these two days. During phonics class, we had sung letter /Cc/ songs, and learn the words that start with letter C, like. Cat, Caterpillar, Candle, Cap, Clean. And we also made a nice art work of letter C. We had few great books at the reading time, " I Love you with all my heart." " There's an Alligator under my bed." three little kittens song, and "Chika Chika, Boom Boom." Here is the chord for three little kittens, I will also put the link for you to sing with your child at home.

  • Three little kittens:
  • Three little kittens they lost their mittens and they began to cry.

Oh, Mother dear we sadly fear the mittens we have lost.

What! you lost your mittens, you naughty kittens, then you shall have no pie. Meow~Meow~Meow, then you shall have no pie.

  • Three little kittens they found their mittens and they began to cry.

Oh, Mother dear see here! see here! for we have found our mittens.

Put on your mittens, you silly kittens, then you shall have some pie. Purr~Purr~ oh let us have some pie.

During math class, we read a nice book about shapes and play math game during the class. We had shape hunting in the classroom. We introduce the shape in two different way, flat and solid. With the shape of flat, we have a circle, triangle, rectangle, square, and solid with a sphere, cylinder, cube, and box. It is still a little bit hard for them to remember, but I know they could learn after we reviewed every day.

During the science class, we had great fun mixed baking soda and vinegar together! You know what will happen, EURPTION!The children get shocked at the first time, Athena even ran away and hide. Aslan was so excited about it and start to jump and scream. When they try again, they all enjoyed it and wouldn't let go.

A kindly reminder, there is no class on this Friday. And enjoy your long weekend! Happy fall break time!

A nice morning on Sep 4, 2017

We had a wonderful day in the morning, they did so well during the assembly this morning when we presented our class saint for the whole school. Our class saint is St. Rose of Lima, for your information, I will also put the video about her on our blog.

There are few things coming up on our calendar for September.

1. We will have a fall break( a day off ) on Sep. 8, 2017, Friday.

2. Kindergarten Division field trip on Sep.22, 2017, Friday. The location is Redbard. I will send more details and the schedule when the time is closer to our calendar.

3. The casual week is the second week of the month, Children could wear their own clothes to school and bring one of their favorite toys to share with friends.

Pre-K can have their casual week next Friday.

And this week we are going learn a new letter! Letter /Cc/. And review the phonics we had before. Math will be focused on counting and shapes. We had reading time this morning with a nice book " The Fish who can wish." to review the phonics sound /Ff/-Fish. learned the new songs of letter /Cc/, and the words, Cat, Car, Clean, Cap, Carrot, Candle.

Here are the pictures we had, and I will put the link for you to download their cute picture.

Welcome to DISK PRE-K

Good morning dear parents!

This is our lovely Pre-K secret garden in DISK, I am Ms. Fu.

The first day in school is always full of excited, nervous, and tears. But there are some ways to help your child to get ready for the first day and prepare their emotion by asking and sharing some ideas and questions.

It's not easy for a 3 years old children to tell what he feels about the new changing coming to his life, it will be helpful if you start the conversation with :

  • Daddy/Mommy remembers the first day in school when I was a child.............
  • How do you think about the school?
  • Going to school make you feel.....?
  • I always like to play with my friends in school; do you want to know more about going to school?

And here is a short video about the first day in Kindergarten for you, you may want to watch with your child and get some idea about the school.

The first day in Kindergarten

See you soon!!

Lovely days we had

Good afternoon, parents.

These two days we had the loveliest time ever. Both of them are so nice and try their best to get used to the new school life. I am very proud of them.

Today we had out-door activity at the play ground, and reading big book stories at the reading corner. They both enjoy the lunch and had great time with each other. In the afternoon, we had Fine Motor skills practice with them. The material today is pouring practice and spoon practice. They really enjoy it!

It is important life skills practice in this age to build up the hand-eye cooperation, and little by little to build up the writing skills. But now in this age, we are not support children to use pencil. It will be better to start with thick crayons and markers to do free drawing, build up their concept with colors, shapes, lines and we can move on to draw a picture.

Here are some pictures to share with you, enjoy !

Aug. 10, 2017

Good afternoon, dear parents.

We had great time doing pre-writing practice with sticker work sheet this morning. Children need to put the eye and other accessories on the page to make a nice picture. They can practice with their cooperation with hands and eye to try to stick in the right place. It’s really cute picture even the eyes and nose is not really in the nice place for the animal. I put that picture in the backpack so you can share at home.

We will have some massage for them every morning to push they speak more English than Chinese; I know it’s not easy for their age, but I will say is also easy for their age if we give them the environment. If you can, please speak English with them at home. Even if just small words or easy sentence. It will be great help for your children. See you tomorrow!

Aug. 15, 2017

Good afternoon, parents!

This week, we have started the daily schedule with after school program. During the reading class, we read “Five little bunnies jumping on the hill” and “Good night Gorilla”. And the phonics this week we are doing letter B/b with sounds and words. If you would like to review the words with your child at home, please let me know, I will write down the word list for you. We had song phonics songs with letter B/b and working on the worksheet. They did try very hard, but it will still need times for them. I will keep their work and organized it before you have it back. The personal file will be sent at the end of each quarter, please help to purchase the folder (three rings binder) for your child. Thank you.

In the Math class, we had color and number. Now we had is number 1. The children not only recognized the number and also needs to know the quantity of the number, too. We will work more day by day, and please feel free to ask any question. Here are some cute pictures we had these two days, enjoy!

Letter B song to sing along with!!

Aug. 17, 2017


Good afternoon, parents!

The short information for you, DISK will have open-house and parent/teacher meeting this Saturday, Aug. 19, morning from 8:45~11:00. Breakfast will be served at 8:00 to 9:00 am in the gym. Welcome to join us and more welcome to bring some friends if they are interested in our school!

We have a great time these two days; the first science class on Tuesday and they all had great fun with it. We were fishing ice-cube with salt! They look very excited when they can pull up the ice-cube with salt and string. Phonics class, we had two new rhymes:

• Bring your bat and bring your ball, /b/, /b/

bring your bat and bring your ball, to the park to play.

• Patty-cake, patty –cake, baker's man,

Back me a cake as fast as you can.

Roll it and prick it and make it with a B,

Put it in the oven for baby and me.

We will keep review the rhymes and you can read it with your child at home. Math class, we had numbers rote count to 10, try to sort out the colors and doing some nice math game with them. They are doing very well!

Here are some pictures and the link to share! Please enjoy!

Aug. 22, 2017.

Good afternoon, parents.

There is a typhoon coming from the east-south of Taiwan, Kaohsiung might be affected, please be careful when you bring your children to school and the time when you back home.

We had some fun these two days, but it's a little lonely without our Athena. Hope we can see her tomorrow!!

In phonics, we are doing letter /Rr/ this week, we sang songs about letter /Rr/ and some nice artworks, too. Here is the vocabulary this week: Rainbow, Rain, Rabbit, Robot, Rail, Red, Rocket.

And we had an exciting news to share! The science experiment that we had last week, used salt to make some crystal, was finally had a result! When I show our kids this morning, Aslan was so excited and said" baby crystal"! It's really exciting and amazing to see the changing during these days. Science is magic!

In math class, we are working on number 2 and rote count to 10. During fine motor skills, we had something new material for them to try, and he did very well! It's also a nice practice for pre-writing skills. Hope you like the pictures that we had!

Aug. 24, 2017

Dear parents, good afternoon.

The children were all fell asleep today, what a nice working hour in the afternoon.

These days, we had phonics class with letter /Rr/ the sounds and words with: Rabbit, Robot, Rainbow, and Rockit.

and also with Rhymes :

  • See my puppy rib the rag,

/rrrr../ /rrr.../

See my puppy rib the rag,

when he pulls so hard.

  • Rain on the green grass, rain on the tree.

Rain on the roof top, but not on me.

And math class with colors and numbers to 3, including quantity, recognized the numbers, they are fast learners, which I am really surprised! Good job!

We also had great fun doing some science art this morning, and new material in practical life for them to work with. You can see in the pictures how good they are! Getting progress every day.

Don't forgot the letter sound ! /Rr/ & /Bb/

Aug. 29th, 2017

Good afternoon, parents

This week we learn a new alphabet /Ff/ and review letter/Bb/ and letter/Rr/. During the reading time in the class, we had big book" There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" and

"Splash into Ocean." we also had some nice book for math, the " The mouse and the moos" we try to count from 1 to 15 and looking for that big cat on every page. It's a very busy morning today. The numbers this week is focused on 3, and rote count to 10, match with numbers and quantity up to 3, and some math game with colors and shapes, they did very well!

The rhymes we had these days are :

  • One, two, three, four, five,

I caught a fish alive.

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

I let it go again.

And the song with letter sound /Ff/

  • Shoo fly don't bother me, shoo fly don't bother me,

Shoo fly don't bother me. For I belong to somebody.

I feel I feel, I feel like a morning star,

I feel I feel, I feel like a morning star.

Last week in the music class, we had a very famous song called "Chicka Chicka boom boom"

It's the story about all the alphabets try to clamp on the coconut tree. It's a very cute and funny song for children. Here this the link, you may play and sing with your child at home if you wish.

Aug. 31, 2017.

Good afternoon, parents.

These days we had made some alphabets art during the class and sang letter /Ff/ songs, and rhymes; reviewed the rhymes with letter /Bb/ and /Rr/, and also read the books about shapes and create a nice picture with shapes. Athena made different houses for daddy and mommy; Aslan made a house for Athena.

We also had a great time during our science class yesterday, they learned how to create other colors by mix three primary colors, Red, Yellow, and Blue. We used salt and chalk to do this experiment, they really enjoy it. After they test different combination, we put their color in the glass bottle for them. You will see the cute, colorful glass bottle in their backpack today.

Next Monday, at assembly Pre-K, is going to present our class Saint St. Rose of Lima to our campus, It will be the first time for them to said some short words on the stage. I believe they can do very well!

Here are the rhymes you may read with your child at home:

  • F is for finger, /fff/ Finger. F is for father, /fff/ Father.

F is for face, /fff/ Face, F is for football,/fff/ Football.

  • My friend and I went to the beach with my floating fish.

It got a hole......the air came out...../fffffff..../