Welcome to DISK's Kinder 1 Class


Today in Kinder 1:

  • We made beautiful art today with Miss Chen.
  • We had snack at the cafeteria.
  • We reviewed Letter Y beginning sounds during Phonics class.
  • We read a story titled "As the Crow Flies."
  • Dismissal Time

K1 had a great short week in school today. We are reminding each other to share toys with friends and not fight over them. There must be no hitting, fighting and pushing during playtime. Thank you for cooperating, dear parents.

Play outside and rest well during the weekend! :)


Today in Kinder 1:

  • 8:30-9:00_ We had our morning social development time with PK students.
  • 9:00-9:15- Morning Circle; Days of the week and Weather
  • 9:15-9:45- Learned letter Y beginning sound; identified pictures and words beginning with letter Y.
  • 9:45-10:15- Learned to trace uppercase and lowercase Yy.
  • 10:15-10:45- Sight word reading; played sight words game and learned how to use "where" in a sentence.
  • 10:45-11:00- Prepare for lunch
  • 11:00-11:45- Lunch at the cafeteria
  • 11;45-1:20- Nap time
  • 1:30-1:45- Snack Time
  • 1:45-2:15- PE with Mr. McKeen
  • 2:15-2:45- Answered Go Math Lesson 2.1(Comparing Numbers)
  • 2:45-3:15- Social Development Time
  • 3:15-3:30- Pack Up
  • 3:30- Dismissal

*Tomorrow is a half day. Please fetch your children at 11:15AM. Thank you.


Good Afternoon , Parents and Students!

Today in Kinder 1:

  • We played an alphabet game during ELA. Several letters are spread on the floor. Teacher says the sound of a certain letter and students raise their hands until they are called. Student picks up the letter and give it to the teacher. We reviewed words starting with letter T and we just listened to the new letter song Zz today.
  • In Writing, we practiced tracing our names. Mommies, please help them practice write their names. I have attached a worksheet in their notebooks so you can practice at home. Thank you!
  • In Social Studies, we discussed and reviewed how to be a responsible student. We reminded each other to take care of our environment by throwing garbage in the proper trash bins. We should take care of our plants and trees to prevent flooding during typhoons. Being responsible also means taking care of ourselves and not always depending on somebody.
  • We had Christian Living class with Sr. Jean. Sr. Jean shared to the class about an amazing story how God worked in her life. The students were very interested and listened well. Good job, K1!
  • We had curry pork rice and burgers for our lunch today!
  • Had snack after their nap time.
  • We practiced the Hail Mary for Friday's Holy Rosary activity.
  • Finished answering Chapter Review of Go Math. We did it K1! Good job, little ones! We're now ready for Chapter 2!

*We have no classes tomorrow! See you on Thursday, October 5. Have a fun time barbequeing with family and friends! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Miss Jessica


Magnificent Monday, Everyone! Welcome to the month of October! Hope you had a nice weekend!

*This month, we will not have a Mass. Instead, we are going to have the Holy Rosary on Friday at 8:00AM. Please come early on Friday so that you will stay in your proper arrangements with your big brothers and sisters. We will recite the Hail Mary. Please practice at home also.

Today in Kinder 1:

  • We attended our regular Morning Assembly at the gym.
  • Phonics- Finished answering Phonics Activity Book pages 49-50. We colored pictures beginning with Letter T sound. Then we circled pictures and wrote letter T in front of every word.
  • Language Arts- Practiced tracing and writing uppercase T and lowercase t. I made them draw pictures at the back of the paper after they finish writing. They love drawing and they are good at it!
  • We had fun under the sun today with Pre Kinder kids, Athena and Aslan.
  • We had lunch and watched Mickey Mouse cartoons before nap time.
  • They had PE with Mr. McKeen.
  • We had Reading program with Fifth Grade buddies.

Rest well, my little ones! Tomorrow's another busy day in school!


Fun Friday, Everyone!

Today in Kinder One:

  • We made symbols and patterns during Art class with Miss Chen.
  • In Phonics, we are now on Letter T of the alphabet. We learned to identify uppercase T and lowercase t. We finished answering Phonics Activity Book pages 47-48.
  • We had Music with Mr. Sandlian.
  • Had playtime with Aslan and Athena.
  • Finished Lesson 1.10 of Go Math.

*For those parents/ guardians asking if we have classes tomorrow (Saturday), DISK will be closed tomorrow. Thank you.

K1 students were doing great in school today! They had so much fun playing with each other and attending to special classes. It's a weekend again! How fast time flies! Play under the sun, read funny books or watch movies, go spend your time with nature and get enough sleep! Have a nice weekend, my sweet little kids!


Happy Thursday to All!

Today, we sang many songs and the students were so full of energy they asked for more! We made our mini book for Letter J and learned how to sound letter T today. We played our sight words game and all of them got prizes each time they read a word correctly. The kids were so happy today! They listened to two stories this morning titled " The Bear Snores" and " Dinosaur Roar." They love teacher reading them stories!

During lunchtime, we ate dumplings and fish. The kids love them and they went for a 2nd round! Since it's Teachers' Day today, Miss Faith Chen and the 5th Grade students made a small and humorous presentation for the teachers! Thank you also to the DISK administration.

They had PE class with Mr. McKeen after nap time.

In Math class, we enjoyed playing a dice game and pass the ball. Example: The player will roll a dice, if X number comes out, the player will pass the ball X times until it reaches another player. Sorry, we were having fun and we were not able to take pictures. Next time, though!

In Science- We are still learning about where animals live. Fish live in water. Lions live in dens. Mice live in burrows. Birds live in nests. Horses live in barns or stables. Cows live in barns. Pigs live in pig pens. Dogs live in kennels. Spiders live in spiderwebs. Chickens live in coops.

*There is a small token of appreciation( DISK pen) sent by the school to the parents. It is in your children's bags.

Happy Teachers' Day to all teachers!!!!


Good Day, Everyone!

Today in Kinder 1:

  • ELA- We finished Learning Letter Jj. Our little kids learned lots of words starting with letter j. Here are some words you can review at home: jet, jam, jelly, jacks, jaguar, jack-in-the-box, jug, jeep, jump rope, joke. We also finished writing uppercase J and lowercase j. We played sight words game and everyone was participating well we played five rounds.
  • Social Studies- We talked about making friends with each other. We don't say, " I don't like you" to our classmates. We should all be friends and care for each other.
  • Science- We discussed about where animals live. Students were able to draw where birds and lions live. They made so many good drawings!
  • Math- We discussed about Making ZERO and how to write zero.

*Tomorrow is Teacher's Day and those joining the After School Program will go to the gym to do some project while the teachers join an activity.


Good Day, Everyone! Kinder 1 is so happy today! I'm so happy they were sitting nicely during the morning assembly in the gym. We finished writing Uppercase H and lowercase h. We also finished doing our mini book for Letter Hh. Then we played a sight words reading game. We called the game "Word, Choppy, Choppy, Chop." There are several words in the paper bag and it is being passed around. Each student closes his/her eyes while getting the word. He will read the word. If the student doesn't know he must put the card inside the bag and pass it. If we pick a word that says "CHOP" everybody makes a chopping action on the floor with their hands and says, "Choppy, Choppy, Chop." All of them did a great job participating and they enjoyed the game.

In the afternoon, they had PE with Mr. McKeen. The kids had a really great time playing basketball and some games with Mr. McKeen. It is a nice time to play, have fun and socialize with their classmates.

The kids enjoyed reading their story books with their buddies from 5th Grade. The Reading Buddy Program is changed to every other Monday (after PE class) so that all students can participate.

Of course, after a busy day, we had to celebrate the birthday of our dearest classmate, Elizabeth! She is a very sweet and lovely student and a friend to everybody. She excels well in her studies and is very responsible. I'm so happy to have her in my class! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dearest Elizabeth! :)


It was a fun-filled Friday today! We went to Red Barn Factory and Tours for our field trip. It's a big factory where the famous Taiwanese Green Max grain powder are being made. The children had so much fun looking at the factory workers how they make these foods. Unfortunately, we cannot take pictures of the factory. We had fun doing DIY grain powder, too! It was a good experience for the kids to do DIY grain powder. Enjoy the pictures! Have fun under the sun, go to the park, and get lots of sleep this weekend! Stay healthy! :)


Announcement: Tomorrow, we will have our first division field trip at Red Barn Factory and Tours. Parents, please bring your health cards. Bring some snacks for tomorrow afternoon and some extra clothes. We will eat lunch in school before leaving for the field trip. Bus leaves at 11:30AM. Thank you.

This morning, we sang some favorite nursery songs in class. They enjoyed singing songs so much! Then we talked about what they want to be when they grow up. This is to practice their English speaking ability. Many of them want to be doctors. Elizabeth wants to be a pilot and Joseph wants to be a policeman! I believe they are going to be great men and women in our society one day! Love them all!

We did Letter Hh for our English Language Arts and we answered pages 31-34 of our activity book. We practiced the sound of Hh and named some words beginning with Hh. Everyone did a good job in participation so I gave them extra break. :)

Thursdays are PE days with Mr. McKeen! :)

In Science, our little kids loved singing the song, " Baby Animals" we sang it five times and they were asking to repeat again. :) We learned how to name animals and their babies. Here are some vocabulary that we learned so that you can review them at home: horse-foal; goat-kid; cat-kitten; dog-puppy; duck-duckling; cow-calf; chicken-chick; lion-cub; tadpole-frog; lion-cub; pig-piglet; dinosaur-hatchling; kangaroo- joey; butterfly-caterpillar; person- baby!

Eat healthy and get lots of sleep tonight so that you will have lots of energy for tomorrow's field trip. I'm excited to see you tomorrow healthy and energized! Please don't forget the health insurance cards! Thank you!

Today, we celebrated Nick's birthday and everyone was very happy! Nick loves his Captain America balloon from me! Enjoy the pictures!


Good Afternoon, everyone! We had a busy and fun-filled day in school! The highlight of the day is the fire department coming to our school. Everyone was excited and our Kindergarten kids had so much fun participating in activities!

In Phonics, we are now finished with Letter Gg. We made our mini book Gg and reviewed words beginning in Gg.

Social Studies- We talked about how good citizens show responsibility. Following rules and laws helps us to be responsible.

Math- We are now on Lesson 1.8. We are learning how to count and order to 5. We learned how to place cube towers in order to match numbers 1 to 5.

It's Nick's birthday today! Happy Birthday, Nick! We missed him today but tomorrow we are celebrating his birthday in school! Enjoy your day, Nick!!!


Happy Monday to all!

Welcome back, Jayden! Glad to see you again after being sick for a week.

*PLEASE WEAR ORANGE, YELLOW, and RED colors on Wednesday. The fire department will come to DISK and we are going to have some activities.

We started the day with our regular Monday assembly with Fourth Grade talking about how to make friends. I am glad Kinder 1 is learning how to sit nicely and behave well inside the gym. In class, we sang songs related to our lesson this morning. We are now on Letter Gg. The students learned two sounds from letter :G /g/ and /j/. They also learned to write Uppercase G. Please practice writing at home. We will learn more about Letter Gg in the next few days.

In Reading, we learned how to read and spell some words. Mason is really good in reading he can read the words in our WORD WALL! GOOD JOB, MASON!

In the afternoon, we had snack after nap time and had PE class with Mr. McKeen. Then we had our Math class. We are now finished with Lesson 1.7 and we have started Lesson 1.8( Count and Order to 5). They had ECA time with Sister Jean.


Today in Kinder One:

  • We started our reading program with our buddies! K1's reading buddies will be 5th Grade class. It will be happening every other Friday from 8:30-9:00AM. Today, our little kids met their buddies and had fun getting to know them. Some of them were still shy and will need time getting used to this. Having reading buddies encourages children to read books.
  • Had Art class with Miss Chen
  • Had Music class with Mr. Sandlian.
  • Phonics- Finished Beginning Consonant Ff.
  • Math- Finished Lesson 1.7 of Go Math.

Eat well, play and have fun this weekend! Get enough sleep so that you will have lots of energy for next week's activities! Enjoy the pictures!


*We will have our first Division Field Trip on September 22, 2017( Friday) at Red Barn Factory and Tours. It is located in Mintzu 1st Road near Wenzao Ursuline University. We will have our lunch in school before leaving for the field trip. Bus leaves at 11:30AM and we will be back by 3:00PM. Please bring healthy snacks and some extra clothes. We will still have After School Program after the field trip.

Today in Kinder 1:

  • We had a review of beginning consonant Dd. Next, we started beginning Letter Ff sounds and named some words starting with Letter Ff. We sang some Letter Ff songs. Answered Pages 11-12 of Phonics Activity Book.
  • Practiced making sentences using "the." Many of them made beautiful sentences! Here are some examples:

Elizabeth: The cookie is under the table.

Eduard: The cat is hungry.

Ryan: The apples are in the house.

Nick: The turtle is slow.

Joseph: Mom is in the hospital.

Richard: The rabbit is very fast.

Mason: The clown is very funny.

Chloe: The dog is very cute.

  • Read a story about a moose and a bear playing with children. It talked about encouraging each other even if a task seems impossible to be done. With the help of good friends, it will be easier to attain your goals.
  • Math- We are finished with Lesson 1.6. We will begin Lesson 1.7 tomorrow.
  • Science- We watched a video clip on how animals grow and change. Students were able to learn the names of some baby animals and their parents.


Happy Monday, everyone!!! Hope you enjoyed the three-day weekend. I'm sure you all did lots of playing under the sun and hope you had a good rest. We are now on the 6th week of the schoolyear 2017-2018!

Today in Kinder 1:

  • We started the day with DISK's regular Monday assembly in the gym. Today, we sat in our respective houses and it was announced that we will have a Cross Making Competition. The chosen cross will be used during Masses and other religious events happening in school. The judges will choose the most beautiful cross on our December Christmas Mass.
  • ELA- We are now finished with Letter Cc and we started our lesson with Letter Dd. We learned Dd sound and answered pages 35-36 of our Phonics book. We finished making our mini books today! I'm very happy everybody is now cutting lines nicely. It's good to practice cutting more at home to enhance their fine motor skills. In time, these children will be able to cut straight lines!
  • We learned how to spell today. Say the word first. Then point at each letter as you say it. Then say the word again. Everybody was good at learning how to spell short words like run, make, play, it, you, look. We are going to do more of reading sight words and spelling them in the next few weeks.
  • Played outside after our reading class. Everyone had fun!!!!
  • Had PE with Mr. McKeen.
  • In Math, we are now on Lesson 1.6- Count and Write to 5.


Good Afternoon Students and Parents!

Today in Kinder 1:

  • We had a review of previous lessons. We looked at pictures and chose the beginning letter for each picture.
  • In Reading, I read them a storybook titled " Pretend You're a Cat." After reading the story, students were able to answer some questions. Today, I started to let them read a book on their own. It's good to let kids start reading at an early age. Dr. Seuss said, " The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you'll go."
  • Had PE with Mr. McKeen.
  • In Science, we talked more about what animals are like and what do animals need. We learned that animals need air, water, food, rest, and shelter.
  • Math- Practiced writing numbers 4 and 5.

We have a 3-day weekend! Play a lot, eat well, and rest well!



Wonderful Wednesday students and parents!!!!

***September 8, 2017 (Friday) is a school holiday. We will have no classes on that day.

*** Kindergarten Division field trip will be on September 22, 2017 at Red Barn. I will post more information next week.

Today in K1:

  • We are now done with Letter Cc of the alphabet. Students learned to read pictures and words that start with letter Cc. These are some words: cap, cup, carrot, camel, car, cake, candle, cactus, can, cow, corn, comb, coat. Please review these words at home so they will remember them. We also finished writing Uppercase C and lowercase c. Everyone did a good job in their handwriting! We were able to finish our Itsy Bitsy Book for letter C today. Cutting lines and filing them together makes them practice their fine motor skills. Kids love making their mini books!
  • Today,we read two sight words in our word wall and practiced making sentences using "I" and "you." Many students were good in making sentences. Some examples: Do you like to play with me? I want to play outside later. I can make a toy.
  • Math- We finished discussing and answering Lesson 1.5. We were able to count and model to number 5. We also reviewed counting 1-4.
  • Science- We talked about what animals are like. We were able to conclude that animals are living things because they grow, eat, drink, breathe and reproduce. By looking at pictures, students were able to describe that some animals are big and some are small; some are two-legged and some are four-legged. They were able to compare two animals that belong to the same group.

Here are some pictures!


Marvelous Monday, everyone!

We started our day with the regular Monday assembly in the gym. It was Kindergarten division's turn to present the classroom patron saints. All the students did a great job today! Thank you for coming on time! You made it in the assembly. :) Good job, K1!

In Language Arts, we practiced writing Uppercase B and lowercase b. Everyone made a good improvement in their handwriting! We are now done with our letter Bb. We will learn new letter tomorrow!

  • In Phonics and Reading, we answered Pages 17-18 of our Activity Book and we did sight word reading on our word wall. We made sentences using each word. I am so happy they all remembered the words we learned the past weeks of school! These are the words they learned: make, jump, play, look, I and you. Try to make sentences at home with mommy and daddy!

Next, I read them a storybook titled " The Little Elephant." All of them were very attentive and listened to the story until the end. They answered some questions after. We learned to strive hard and just practice to reach our goals. We don't give up easily especially when we encounter something hard.

In Math, we are on Lesson 1.5- Counting and Modelling to 5. We practiced writing number 5 today.

Listening attentively to the story


Fun-filled Friday!

The month of August has ended and we are now welcoming the month of September! The past three days has been busy for Kindergarten! We are learning new words every day.

In Language Arts, we have finished Letter Mm of the alphabet. We are now on letter Bb. Yesterday, we made our B mini book. We learned and played flash cards word games. I am happy they are learning fast playing this game. These are some B words they learned today and yesterday: butterfly, berry, bear, balloon, bumblebee, bed, bat, bush. Some of them are still confused between b and d so we are going to work on it on Monday. In Reading, we have read words and made short sentences with our Word Wall. We made sentences using for and play.

Example: This gift is for my friend. They participated and made many sentences using this pattern.

Nick: This toy is for Leo. Mason: This chocolate is for Elizabeth.

Eduard: This cookie is for Elizabeth. Richard: This is for me.

Elizabeth: This cake is for Eduard. Leo: This water gun is for Ryan.

Ryan: This dinosaur is for Mason. Jayden: This is for my mom.

Joseph: This book is for Chloe.

Chloe: This toy is for Joseph.

Play- I can play basketball. I can play ___________. I like to play _________.

In Science, we talked about living things and their characteristics. Living things grow,move, need food and water, and reproduce. Students were able to classify living things and non living things by during class by separating pictures in two columns.

We finished Lessons 1.3 and 1.4 in Math. Students learned how to count and model numbers 3 and 4. They also learned how to write 3 and 4 nicely. Most of them are now improving in their handwriting and I am proud of them. Parents, please practice more at home. Thank you.

Friday is Special classes day. They had so much fun doing Art with Miss Chen and Music with Mr. Sandlian.


I dig in the sand, and I play with pretty pictures, so I never really left kindergarten. Sarah Parcak

Enjoy the weekend and rest well! See you all on Monday!!!!


Happy Busy Tuesday, everybody!!!

Today in Kinder 1:

  • We continued making our mini book for Letter Mm. Identified letter M by drawing a circle at all letter m's in a poem. Answered Pages 7-8 of Phonics Activity Book. We also practiced writing Uppercase M and lowercase m. Parents, if you can help your child, please help them practice writing at home.
  • In Social Studies, we talked about our school community, the people in our school. We learned to name our principal, Sister Jackie and the members of the administration, Mr. Hilden, Ms. Cooper, and Ms. Parker. Students were taught to greet them if ever they see teachers and the administration in and out of school.
  • Christian Living class with Sister Jean. We learned about our classroom patron saint named, Saint Louie Beltran.
  • In Science, we discussed about the characteristics of living things.

*** Announcement: Please try to come early to school so that you will not miss some class discussions and lessons. Classes start at 8:05AM. It is a good habit to come early to school. Thank you :)


Magnificent Monday, everyone!!!!

Today in Kinder 1:

We started the day with our weekly assembly at the gym. Grades One and Two made a good presentation of their classroom saints, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassatti and Saint Hyacinth of Poland. Next Monday, the Kindergarten students are also going to do the presentation during the assembly. Kinder 1's saint is Saint Louie Beltran. We are going to practice our speaking parts this entire week to get you ready for the presentation on Monday, September 4.

Reading/Phonics- We started out with a new letter for the week, letter Mm. Students learned a lot of new words while looking at the pictures. Below are some pictures of words we learned today. You can practice saying the words at home. We also learned to write Uppercase M and Lowercase m. We still need to practice writing inside the lines!Then, we started making our mini book for Letter Mm. These little kids' coloring has improved a lot. We are going to practice more as we go along.

Social Studies- We made our classroom agreement. Everyone signed in including Ms. Chen and I.

Math- Practiced writing number 3. We did Go Math Pages 25-26, Model and Count 3 and 4.

ECA with Sister Jean.


Fun Friday, everyone!

After four days of learning new words and writing letters and numbers, we had a fun and easy Friday today! This morning, K1 kids got to play with Pre K students, Aslan and Athena. Then we had Art class with Miss Chen. In Phonics class, we had an assessment on how much they remembered "L" words. Everyone did a good job identifying pictures beginning with letter L so I gave them free time to play. We also had Music class with Mr. Sandlian where they learned the song "Three Little Kittens." In Science, we used some blocks and observed them and did sorting games. Everybody did a nice job sorting shapes and colors. Below are some pictures. Enjoy and have a nice weekend! Rest well! :)

***Just a reminder: You can wear casual clothes every Friday. There will be an announcement when we have to wear the proper uniform on a Friday. Thank you.


“I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same. Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.” – Martha Grahamʺ


Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today in class we did:

  • We played in class while waiting for other classmates to finish their breakfast and others who came late.
  • ELA/ Phonics -Answered pages 83-85. Everyone enjoyed singing the Letter Ll song. Then we read the poem "Two Little Lambs." We read some words starting with L like lamp, lamb, log, ladder, leaf, log, lion, lizard. You can practice reading these words at home. We also practiced writing Uppercase L and lowercase l. Everybody tried their best writing beautifully. :)
  • Social Studies- We talked about how to have good behavior inside and outside the class. Our class rules are:

a. Raise your hands if you want to talk. We cannot talk at the same time.

b. Listen carefully while the teacher is having his/her lecture.

c. Use polite words.

d. Respect everyone.

e. We should take turns. We need to be patient while waiting for others to finish their work.

f. Do your best.

  • Had Christian Living class with Sister Jean.
  • Math- Answered pages 22-24 of GO Math book. Practiced writing number 2.
  • Science- We talked about the sense of touch and sense of hearing.


Lovely Thursday , everyone!

Today in class we did:

  • English Language Arts- We made a mini book for our letter "Ll." We practiced how to pronounce the L sound and we read some words with pictures starting with letter Ll. Everyone did a good job cutting and making the mini book. We had so much fun doing it!
  • Social Studies- I introduced the class to CLASS DOJO. Students earn points for behaving and listening in class. They also get to earn points by working hard, sharing food and toys while playing, and helping clean up the school surrounding (picking up trash even if it's not theirs). Students were very happy seeing their Dojo personalities. We all had FUN!
  • PE with Mr. McKeen
  • Science- We talked about the sense of taste today.

Here are some pictures we took for the past few days. ENJOY!!!!


Today we did :

  • Language Arts/ Phonics- Practiced holding and writing with a pencil. We wrote Uppercase A and everybody did a good job! We also read several words starting with "A." You can practice reading these words at home.

Example: Ann, airplane, alligator, ant, arrow, arm, and, at

  • Math- Counting and reading numbers 0-5.
  • We had Christian Living with Sister Jean.
  • We talked about the sense of sight and smell in Science. We sang the "Five Senses Song."
  • We played outdoors today. It was hot but we had lots of FUN under the sun!

*Please fill up and return the form for the Parent Teacher Meeting.

Here are some pictures we had during the past few days in school. Enjoy!!!

August 15,2017

Welcome back to school, Kinder 1!!!! I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation! I'm Miss Jessica, and I'm excited to be your teacher for this school year.

We started our first day in school with a Mass for the Feast of Saint Dominic. Then we spent the rest of the day meeting and greeting each other. We also did some fine motor activities and eye-hand coordination. The students made hand prints and we posted them in our board inside the class. I had the students play together to develop their social skills. We talked about class rules like being responsible and being friends with their classmates. We ended our first day with an art craft to give to their dads because it's "8/8 (Papa) Day" in Taiwan. Happy Father's Day!!!!

Today, for Reading, I introduced the students to our "WORD WALL." We read some words and we tried making sentences for each word. The students picked out two words, "PLAY" and "LOOK." You can practice making sentences at home using these two words.

IN Science , we talked about the five senses. We started singing the song "Our Five Senses." Then we talked about the sense of sight. Ex. We use our eyes to see. I can see the sky with my eyes. I can see the sun with my eyes. I can see the bird with my eyes.

It was their first day of PE with Mr. McKeen and I'm happy to hear that they had fun during and they were very nice to the teacher.

Here are some pictures we had in class: