Super Second Graders

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mondays are jam packed with specialty classes! We also continued Math, learning about making tens and ones into groups and patterns! Please practice your addition and subtraction facts 1-20

There are many games here!

We also read our new Journeys story yesterday, My Family!

Yesterday you were to watch Lesson 4 videos for Science, and complete math 1.7.

TODAY, is TUESDAY! We had Health and Christian Living this morning. We reviewed the Science videos from homework yesterday, but unfortunately almost half of the class was unprepared! Please watch the Correct science videos tonight: The title is "How Do Scientists Think?" You can also count 1-5 on the screen of videos to see which one is for Lesson 4! We reviewed this extensively today hopefully to clear up any confusion :)

We completed our school homework given to Ms. Davis. We have class rules and procedures, but it was time for students (you! ) to answer: What is important about school? Why do you come to school? What do we do to make our DISK community: happy, loving and peaceful? In groups, we came up with many amazing answers and ideas! We put our ideas together to make our Grade 2 Agreement! See pictures! We signed and agreed to all! Great work team!

This afternoon we will continue reviewing math lesson 1.7. It is important we are all understanding and if there is any confusion with homework, don't forget to ask your teacher (me! ) to help you the next day!

Afterwards, we will go to the library and I.T.!


Math: play math games above! Chapter 1 test on Friday. Please use the math website to review, too!

Reading: Think-Tac-Toe in Word Work Notebook due by Thursday. I will give 2 nights for this assignment.

Other: Please return IXL form

Spelling Quiz: Friday, August 25, 2017

Vocabulary and Comprehension Quiz: This will be combined for our Journey's story comprehension and vocabulary. Friday, September 1, 2017


Math: Lesson 1.5 and 1.6

Reading: Write 1 sentence for each new spelling word in your Word Work Notebook.

Other: Parent and Teacher Open House Tomorrow 8:45-10:30am Please meet in the gym for an assembly, first!

Enjoy your weekend Everyone!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Important Reminder to Everyone: Homework is due at 8:05am. We are working on getting into school routines and procedures in our classroom, this includes coming to school unpacking your bag, turning in all homework and preparing for your first class. It is a busy few minutes in the morning, however doing things on time and quickly will save us a lot of time in our day :)

Today we had a fabulous day! We shared a lot of laughs, stories, and jokes! I am so proud of your efforts in Grade 2 thus far and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK EVERYONE!

In Math we learned about writing numbers in expanded form! In Reading, we practiced building stamina for Read-to-Someone time, we reviewed our Journeys story and took a short pop quiz! Great job!

In writing class we wrote lists of topics we can use to write about throughout the school year! We learned a lot about each other in this writing activity, you did amazing!

This afternoon in Social Studies we watched a video from Kid President! You can click there and watch it again! We learned about taking action in our community and our world to be good citizens!

In Science class we reviewed our observation homework, and continued lesson 2.

Today we were also busy preparing a small surprise for our parents on Saturday, August 19th for the Open House. Parents, you are invited to join us beginning at 8:45am in the gym. We will finish our morning by 11am!


  • Read 10 minutes
  • Math: Lesson 1.4 Worksheet in Math Notebook
  • Have a great night!


Ms. Davis

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happy Wednesday to Everyone!

Today we had a fantastic day of fun and learning in 2nd grade! We had math class, reading and a spelling quiz, We continued to discuss the writing process. We began building our stamina for writing class, that means, we completed 3 minutes of writing today, NON-STOP! You are all doing a fantastic job on stamina building on our Daily 5! Keep up the good work!

This afternoon in Social Studies we review lesson 1 vocabulary and reviewed Lesson 2 in Science. We used some science tools to observe our classroom and each other! We had a mini-experiment today predicting how many sheets of paper measure the length!


  • Reading: Read
  • Writing: Parents sign spelling quiz, if incorrect words, please write 5 times in the spelling tablet.
  • Math: Lesson 1.3 Worksheet
  • Science: Observe Worksheet in Science Notebook


Ms. Davis

P.S. Thanks Meiya for our joke book to share with our class!

Tuesday, August 15th

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Today in Science class we completed Lesson 1 review! We reviewed the vocabulary: inquiry skills! We took some vocabulary notes in our notebook, and you will fill in lesson 2 vocabulary as you watch the Lesson 2 videos tonight.

In Writing Class, we prepared our WOW (Work on Writing) notebooks for our year! We began getting organized with a table of contents page and numbering our pages. We began to talk about the 5 steps of the writing process. We will refer to this writing process with our new Writing textbooks! We will complete the definitions for the steps of the writing process later in class.

This afternoon in math class we completed lesson 1.2 and you will complete enrich 1.2 for homework. In Library time we went to read, return and check out books, and listen to Ms. Davis read a story.


  • Science: Watch Lesson 2 videos: How do we use science tools? (There are 10 parts of this video, please watch them all)
    • Write the definition for the vocabulary words in your science notebook.
    • Answer these questions and answers in your Science Notebook:
      • 1. What are the SIX (6) Science Tools from the videos?
      • 2. What tools are used for observing?
      • 3. What tools are used for measuring?
  • MATH: Complete Enrich Lesson 1.2 in your Math Notebook.
  • Spelling Quiz Tomorrow 11 words!
  • Other: Please remember to date each page of your notebook for homework :) It is good to stay organized early!

Have a great evening of rest and relaxation after your homework. If you have any issues please feel free to e-mail me:

Parents: There is a sign-up form for our Class Dojo account in your children's assignment book today. Please log in to observe their points as we will use this as our class reward system. Thank you for your support!


Ms. Davis

Monday, August 14, 2017

Happy Monday to All!

Reminder: Please bring an extra shirt or towel to change after recess, it is hot outside! If you do not need it everyday, you may keep it in your backpack for when you need it :)

Today in math class we continued to identify the difference between odd and even numbers! In Reading class we continued to build our read-to-self stamina! We added some items to our Cafe menu, learning the importance of comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary. We made a chart for Read-to-Someone and practiced building our stamina for Read-to-Someone, too! Everyone is begging for reading class and we are having so much fun reading! Keep up the good work! We also practiced our spelling words and sentences!


  • Spelling Quiz Wednesday
  • Reading: Finish sentences for words 1-8 in word work notebook. You may write sentences for 9-11 if you wish!~
  • Have a great night!


Ms. Davis

Friday, August 11, 2017

Reminders: Please turn in all classroom supplies and class fund as soon as possible! In addition, please pay the lunch fee to Ms. Lee in the office at your earliest convenience.

Also, please return the After School Program papers. Thank you kindly.

Today you have received student book codes for ALL textbooks. We will be using each website throughout the school year. It is important to have a quiet study area with a computer for homework in Grade 2. You will see the username is highlighted in yellow and the password is highlighted in orange.

This weekend please BOOKMARK each website on your computer, including this blog site. It will make for easy access to these websites since some of them are loooonnngggg websites! There are lots of fun activities as well as online textbooks, so we don't have to carry our heavy books home! There are games on Write Source and amazing videos on Science! It is your responsibility to become familiar with each website on your own! Ask your parents to help, if needed!


  • Math: Login to math website. Click on 'things to do' and complete the first assignment. You will need to draw the tens squares on your notebook like we did in class today.
  • Science: Watch Unit 1 Lesson 1 Videos: Go to Science website, login with username and password, click on Student Access English, click on Unit 1, and the first box "How do we use Inquiry Skills?" Watch Videos 1-9. Type your observations of the apple like we did in class :) We will discuss this on Monday!
  • Reading: Read 10 minutes to your brother, sister, parents, grandparents, or stuffed animals! Spelling Quiz on Monday words 1-11
  • Other: We will have Art class on Monday, please remember your A4 sketch book!
  • Enjoy the weekend! Relax and get a good rest!

After school program begins on Monday, a few notes:

  • The school bus will only leave school at 3:40pm.
  • If you have signed up for study hall, it is a quiet working period, the students will be required to do their own work for the entirety of the period until 4:25pm. Please make sure you have a book or something to study each day during this period.


Ms. Davis

Thursday, August 10, 2017


  • Write spelling words 5 times each


Ms. Davis

Today is Wednesday, August 9th, 2017. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEGRIA!!

2nd day of Second Grade is off to a great start! We collected some supplies this morning (Thank you Parents !! :)

Today we began our day by introducing our math book! We read a story about whales and practiced math vocabulary: even, odd, more, fewer, less than, and more than.

The students went to PE Class with Mr. McKeen and I received a report of excellent behavior and following instructions! Keep up the good work in specialty classes!

Then we got into our first day of Daily 5! I know some of the students are familiar with this reading program from Kindergarten, but I find this is an excellent way of finding a love for reading, no matter the level! We introduced "Read to Self" and how to pick a good book! We played with each other's shoes and read some scenarios about who's shoes fit who! It was a great warm-up activity to understand that not everyone can wear each other's shoes! You can see the pictures above this post!

In the afternoon we began Social Studies, our first Unit is: My Community, My Country. We will spend most of this quarter discussing communities and most importantly how to be a good citizen in your community. Today we discussed community workers, jobs and why it is important for everyone to work together in a happy, respectful community. We played a game to learn more about each other, too!

Here in our Grade 2 Community we are focusing on Respect. We read a story today about how to be a good friend, you may ask your child to discuss this with you. Manners, using 'please' and 'thank you,' and respecting each other are incredibly important in our community.

In Science class we introduced our textbook, watched a fun video on BrainPop about Observation Skills! The students completed an About Me poster to beautify our classroom!


  • Complete the About Me Poster with color!
  • Read the blog and write the secret message (*if you can't remember, or tell me in the morning right when you arrive to school)
  • SECRET MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Alegria!

Please remember to send healthy snack (fruits and vegetables) and get a good rest for another big day at school tomorrow!

Happy First Day of Second Grade to ALL!

Today is Tuesday, August 8th, 2017. What a fabulous start to our school year! Happy Father's Day! Today we began with Mass to Welcome everyone back and Welcome to our new students and staff members! We are so lucky to be part of such a fabulous school community here at DISK! All of the students received small plants today from Mass, we will do our best to take care of them and we will all plant them in September for our Community Service Day in September!

We had such a busy day today! WOW! First we took a tour of our classroom, practiced some of our classroom rules and procedures, and filled our brains with lots of Grade 2 excitement for our year ahead!! Some important information is going home in today's folder for parents and students! We reviewed the classroom procedures, and you may continue to review these at home. We discussed the importance of procedures and rules in order to have a fun, happy and respectful Grade 2 Community. We also discussed the importance of sharing, and having community classroom supplies. We got to check out our new school library, our classroom reading corner, learned a new dance and everyone made their own dance move!

Parents: Please read through the Welcome Letter from me. It is also posted below this post, scroll down...

There is a list of classroom supplies, class funds that can be paid to me directly, and a getting to know your child paper if there is anything you would like me to know about your child as we begin a new school year! I am available for communication by email:

Dismissal this week is 3:30pm.

Tomorrow students will need to wear PE uniforms!

Students: It is your job to check the blog every night for homework and updates! Each night there will be a secret word or message posted on the blog, that you may whisper to me when you arrive in the classroom. This is to make sure you are doing your job as a student and reading the blog for anything special we did throughout the day or some reminders!

Homework will also be posted in the blog!


No subject homework, however I would like everyone to read this blog post, and write down today's secret message in your assignment book on Tuesday, August 8th for Reading:

The secret blog message is: Second Grade is Super!

Looking forward to our Second Day in Second Grade, tomorrow! Have a fabulous evening and get lots of rest!


Ms. Davis

Dear Parents and Students, August 8th, 2017

Welcome to the second grade! I hope that you had a wonderful summer vacation and are ready for an amazing new year of learning! I am very excited to get to know each and every one of you. More importantly, I look forward to working with everyone on building a strong community of citizens, questioners, readers and writers.

In order to start the year off properly, students will need to have some resources to help facilitate their learning. Please gather the following supplies and bring them with you to school by Friday, August 11th:

  • A pencil case with pencils (non-mechanical), erasers, a long ruler, and a pencil sharpener
  • Crayons, markers, and coloring pencils (Faber Castle make excellent coloring pencils!)
  • Scissors and a glue stick
  • Tissue paper and/or wet tissue for class use
  • A dry erase marker (any dark color)
  • Apart from the students’ pencil cases and notebooks, I would like to have the students share the supplies that will be needed in class to encourage community cleanliness and mutual responsibility. I will take the students’ collected supplies and divide them into communal kits. Please do not label these items.

  • English name stickers
  • Headphones for IT class
  • A water bottle
  • One or two books which will be used to help build our class library (more is also fine!)
  • Seven (7) A-4 notebooks

  • A healthy snack and water (no junk food, chocolate bars, or soft drinks, please)


The school handbook contains several rules and policies. Parents, please take the time to review the handbook with your child so that both you and your child are aware of the school policies. Some key items to remember are:

  • Students are required to wear the full school uniform to school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, in addition to Mass Celebration Days. DISK will be enforcing a stricter dress code this year and as such students are expected to arrive at school in clean and tidy uniforms that are worn properly throughout the day.

  • Wednesday students may come to school in their P.E. uniforms and on Fridays they may wear their Sports Day shirts with P.E. bottoms. If Mass or another special celebration day is on Wednesday or Friday student should come to school in their formal uniforms. They will be allowed to change into their sport uniform after the celebration is complete.
  • Grade 2 students will be have P.E. class on Wednesday and Friday each week. Students will need to come to school wearing their P.E. uniforms and have an extra P.E. shirt to change into after class. It is also beneficial for students to bring a small towel to dry off after exercising.
  • Students may come to school in their PE uniforms on Wednesdays, and Sports day T-shirts on Fridays except on special occasions, which will be announced beforehand.
  • On the second Friday of each month students may wear personal clothing as long as it is in good taste and does not show any inappropriate images. Students who are deemed as dressing inappropriately will be given a P.E. uniform to change into and sent home with a corresponding bill.
  • Students must be inside their classrooms and ready to begin at 8:00 sharp.
  • Students will be dismissed at 3:30 everyday.

As per school policy, I would like to ask that everyone send a class fund of $5000 NT per student. This money will be used for additional class supplies, costumes for special performances, school magazines and yearbook, Sports Day shirts, etc. A complete record of the budget will be kept by me so if you ever have any questions about what your money is being used towards, I will be happy to show you.

Second grade is a year filled with fun, growth and increasing responsibilities. It is my hope that your child will be excited to share his or her daily activities and experiences with you at home. In addition to the conversations with your student, I will also be communicating with you through email and the classroom blog. Part of your student’s success depends on the open communication we have as adults.

If you ever have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to write to me an e-mail or please write to me in the communication book.

You can access the classroom blog at:

I will also use the blog for posting photographs of class activities and as a general way of keeping you informed and up-to-date about school life. Parents please do your best to check it often, and students, you must check it daily.

Once again, Welcome to the Second Grade! Let's work together to make it a great one!!


Ms. Kelly Davis

Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher