January 21-24 in Atlanta, GA

Coming Soon! A New Safe Church Customary!

It will be available after Easter. Webinars to discuss changes and answer questions will be held this Spring and Summer to help you implement any changes you need to make before Fall programming begins.


The diocese still has not approved or published an adapted version of the model policies the national church gave us. However, I have spent a lot of time working with the model policy to make it more user-friendly and have tried to clarify or provide samples of recommendations it makes. While this does not have a "diocesan stamp of approval," I believe it covers the due diligence we owe our children and youth in keeping them safe. So with that said, here you go!

This is the overall policy:

This is a breakdown of who should have what kind of training or background check:

*There is a second tab on this spreadsheet that explains the "code" with regards to which Safeguarding Online courses are recommended for each position.

**Suzanne Phillips in the diocesan office can check to see if someone has already had a background check run (

Here is the direct link to the background check form:

These are instructions for enrolling and signing in to Safeguarding Online to take courses: