The Very BIG Story

Finding our place in God's very BIG Story.

Together, we'll: see & hear the story...make the the story...sing the story...and play the we can BE THE STORY!

A Two-Week Double Feature!

Children of God who fought for


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See & Hear the Story!

MAKE the Story

Ebenezer Stone

Make the Story of Sojourner, Harriet, Jonathan, and Martin by making an ebenezer stone to remember these children of God who WITH GOD'S HELP fought for justice and freedom. When you look at the stone, remember their faithfulness to God, even when they were struggling, and how God helped them!

When has God helped you? Make an ebenezer stone to remember!

Read more about ebenezer stones:

Have you ever visited a monument with your family? A monument is something that lasts a long time, and is meant to help us remember the past. Sometimes monuments are statues, or carved stones, or even buildings. In Washington, D.C., you can see many different kinds of monuments that remind us of people and events from America’s history, like the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial and many more. People in Bible times built monuments, too. Here’s a story from the Bible about God's people and a monument they left behind:

There was a time when all of Israel longed for God. They wanted to hear from Him, to be His servants and to have His protection. They went to Samuel, who was God’s prophet (remember, prophets are the ones who speak up and speak out God's truth?), and asked him what they should do. “Put away your foreign gods,” Samuel said, “and serve God only.” And so the people obeyed. They threw away all their idols and worshipped only the one true God.

In the meantime, the Philistines, enemies of Israel, noticed that all Israel was gathering at Mizpah. They were worried that the Israelites were assembling an army for battle, so they decided to prepare for war. When Israel heard that the Philistine army was on the march, they were frightened. But instead of running away or making a battle plan, they did something more important. They trusted God. Israel asked Samuel to continue to pray for them, and he did.

As the Philistine army approached, the Bible says that God “thundered a great thunder” and that the Philistine army panicked and became confused. The Israelite army easily chased them away.

Samuel picked a spot between the cities of Mizpah and Shen, and set up a large stone for a monument. He called it “Ebenezer” which means “the stone of help” so that everyone would look at it and remember, “This far we’ve come with God’s help”.

Prayer Flags

Write or draw prayers for justice and freedom you would like to see in your neighborhood or community on old pieces of fabric (pillow cases, napkins) and hang them outside so the wind (often a symbol of the Holy Spirit) may flow through them so God can hear your prayer.

EAT the Story

SING the Story

PLAY the Story

Centering Prayer is a particular kind of prayer that requires resting our minds and bodies. This can be powerful when the world is stormy and chaotic.

BE the Story!


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With God's Help

Every time someone is baptized we reaffirm these promises made at our own baptism:

Celebrant: Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself?

People: I will, with God's help.

Celebrant: Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?

People: I will, with God's help.

So...will you?


"Remember, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." (Matthew 28:20)

Christ is with us! No matter where we go, or what we do, nothing can separate us from our God who loves us! With this in mind we are excited to present the "Flat Jesus Project"!

We hope these little companions will help remind ourselves and others that we are not alone, and we have nothing to fear, because God loves us and Jesus is with us always... No matter where we are - no matter what we do!

Whitney Robinson

Diocesan Missioner for Children and Youth Formation

Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi