About the Project

Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation (NPNS) pulp mill in Abercrombie Point, Pictou County has operated since 1967. NPNS uses water as part of its processing to produce the kraft pulp product it sells both domestically and internationally. After the water is used in production it is treated at the existing effluent treatment system at Boat Harbour. The Northern Pulp mill and effluent treatment system are operated under permit (Industrial Approval).

A Replacement Treatment Facility is Needed

The existing treatment system needs to be replaced to meet the requirements of the Boat Harbour Act. A replacement Effluent Treatment Facility (ETF) is proposed to be designed, built, and operated using current best practices in order to allow the operation to continue. The main components of the proposed new ETF will be located on Northern Pulp property, adjacent to the mill. This means all treatment will occur on-site. The water, once treated and ready for discharge, will be released through a pipe to an outfall location. The technically recommended location for the outfall is in the Northumberland Strait. More information about how we arrived at this being the recommended approach can be found here.

In accordance with the Environment Act, the design and construction of a new treatment facility is a 'modification to an existing undertaking'. The design and construction of a new facility will follow the process of a Class 1 Environmental Assessment (EA). EA approval from the Minister of Environment is required prior to construction and operation.

Purpose of the Environmental Assessment

The detailed design of the ETF, including outfall design and location, has not been finalized. The purpose of the EA study is to identify constraints and mitigation measures to protect the environment (natural and socio-economic), which will be incorporated into the final design and construction of the ETF. We hope that you will engage with us on this important project.

Study Process

The Environmental Assessment study will follow the process described in the figure below.

This process is just starting! We have been busy collecting background information and preparing for public engagement to have as many answers as possible to your questions. Your input to this process is crucial, and we want to work with you to implement this project.

There will be several ways that input from individuals, communities, and stakeholders will be sought, including multiple open-house sessions and this interactive website. To be kept informed of upcoming sessions and project progress, please complete the Contact Us form to be added to the project notification list. Please share your knowledge, share your ideas, and tell us your comments and concerns. We will be using this input to:

"Establish existing environmental conditions" and "Develop an environmental plan"

The 'Environment' means both the natural environment and the socio-economic environment. What do you enjoy most about your community? What species do you share this space with? Helping us have a clear understanding of the many attributes of the area lets us anticipate problems or challenges before the ETF begins to be built. We can identify opportunities for improvements, and avoid or minimize the potential for negative impacts.

Your Input is Important!

Northern Pulp is part of the community. We want to find a solution that works for all of us.

Our approach to engagement and consultation is based on the following five principles:

  • Inclusivity
  • Responsiveness
  • Accessibility
  • Transparency
  • Respect