Project Materials

Specialist Studies and Engagement Materials

Specialist Studies

Brochure with information on the New Effluent Treatment Facility, Northern Pulp

  • Brochure providing additional details on the new effluent treatment facility.

NPNS Global Market Study, Brian McClay & Associates Inc.

  • The NPNS Global Market Study assesses the viability of converting the existing Pictou Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) mill to produce either Unbleached Kraft Pulp (UKP) or Bleached Chemi-Thermo-Mechanical Pulp (BCTMP). For the reasons outlined in the market report, it can be concluded that continuing to produce premium reinforcement NBSK is the most competitively viable option by far for Northern Pulp.

Receiving Water Study, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

  • The Receiving Water Study was completed during preliminary design to (1) evaluate potential locations for a marine outfall and identified the recommended area, (2) evaluate and made recommendations for the design and performance of the diffuser at the end of the outfall, and (3) model how the treated effluent will mix with the water at the outlet in the Northumberland Strait.

2016 EEM Report, ECOMETRIX

  • The Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) study gives the results of the environmental effects monitoring from the existing Boat Harbour Treatment Facility. This EEM study is not directly applicable to the proposed replacement effluent treatment facility and associated treated effluent, but was provided upon request.

Technology Selection Summary Report, KSH

  • This report documents the Preliminary Engineering for which reviewed the technology alternatives when determining the approach for the treatment facility at Northern Pulp.

Middle River Water Availability Report

  • Completed in 2015 by RV Anderson for the Government of Nova Scotia, this report reviewed the sustainability of the water intake used by Northern Pulp.

Engagement Materials

Materials used at project engagement meetings, and summaries of those meetings will be posted here. This way we will increase the transparency of our process, and allow as many people as possible to engage with the project.

Project Launch: Summary of Engagement - What We Heard

Project Launch Open House Materials (December 2017 & January 2018)

Project Launch: Initiation Newsletter