Mr. Olliver's Mathematicians

Meet the teacher

My passion for Math began early during my education when I realized that teachers weren’t always subjective when assigning grades usually due to racism or personal bias. It was apparent to me that "putting the answer in the box" would eliminate any subjectivity. So I decided to pursue Mathematics and teach my students to always "put the answer in the box".

I am a teacher of second chances who gives each student an opportunity to start anew. Because in life each of us have been giving second chances. I believe that no one fails and since we all learn at different paces, learning should be measured on an individual scale. The EOG, however, measures what someone in Raleigh thinks you should learn, not what you’ve actually learned. No matter the score, learning is what makes you a winner!

I have taught hundreds of students at various schools across NC, so if you ever meet one of my former students, the one thing I hope they say about me is that “Mr. Olliver wants us to learn math.”

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