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Bronzeville Youth: 5th-8th Grade

Learn from experienced mentors in your community! All programs provide fun, hands-on experience with cutting-edge design and fabrication techniques - Glass Blowing, Robotics, Painting and Drawing, 3D Printing, and more!

Your child can join the network and actively build their identity and confidence as an artist and inventor.

Our upcoming session of after school programs will run from Feb 22 to May 3.

The cost of the sessions and transportation are generously covered by the Digital Youth Network at DePaul University and Little Black Pearl

What is our Mission?

We design learning systems aiming to ensure that all youth, especially the underserved, cultivate the critical skills, literacies and agency necessary to have the opportunity to create lives that are engaged, empowered and successful.

Who is our Community?

Fusion supports youth and families in developing their identities that fuse together unique interests and skills as designers, makers, and coders in a community that supports and values STEAM literacies.

Our students come primarily from the following Schools in Bronzeville: Kozminski, Reavis, Burke, Carter G. Woodson, Holy Angels, and Ida B. Wells

Contact info


Little Black Pearl

1060 E 47th St

Chicago, IL 60653

(773) 285-1211

Questions and Help Hotline and Email

(773) 599-1DYN || (773) 599-1396 fusion@digitalyouthnetwork.org



Digital Youth Divas: Mondays at Little Black Pearl

5th and 6th grade girls only!

The Digital Youth Network’s Digital Youth Divas program supports middle-school girls in developing STEM identities by creating face-to-face and online spaces where girls work together to design, create, and re-imagine everyday artifacts (jewelry, hair accessories, music), activities (dancing and talking to friends), and spaces using techniques including design, circuitry, coding and fabrication.


Creative Computing with Scratch: Tuesdays at your school

Creative computing emphasizes the knowledge, practices, and fundamental literacies that young people need to create the types of dynamic and interactive computational media that they enjoy in their daily lives. Engaging in the creation of computational artifacts prepares young people for more than careers as computer scientists or programmers. It supports young people’s development as computational thinkers – individuals who can draw on computational concepts, practices, and perspectives in all aspects of their lives, across disciplines and contexts.


Painting & Drawing: Wednesdays at Little Black Pearl

An introduction to the fine arts of painting and drawing taught in a professional-grade art studio! Learn new artistic techniques in both forms of expression, and unleash your inner creativity!

Glass Blowing: Wednesdays at Little Black Pearl

Creative beautiful and original works of glass art in an impressive glass-blowing facility! This unique program allows students to work in a rare environment; handling professional-level equipment and materials to forge hand-crafted glass objects from scratch with an expert instructor.

Silk-Screening: Wednesdays at Little Black Pearl

Print your own posters, t-shirts, and other items by hand! This program gives students a chance to develop graphic design knowledge, and hands-on screenprinting skills. Ever wonder how your favorite t-shirt was made? Here’s how you can find out!

Footwear and Apparel: Wednesdays at Little Black Pearl

Are you the next fashion designer extraordinaire? Put your design skills to the test while creating completely original shoe and clothing design prototypes. Interested in applying to design school? Here’s a great opportunity to build your portfolio.

3D Design: Wednesdays at Little Black Pearl

Using cutting-edge 3D design software and 3D printers, students will solve engineering challenges while creating original cars, boats, and more!

Learning to Invent, Inventing to Learn: Wednesdays at Little Black Pearl

An introduction to invention through the use of micro-controllers, sensors, actuators and everyday materials. Students may also explore laser cutting and simple woodworking as they use these tools and techniques to design and invent.

Interactive History: Wednesdays at Little Black Pearl

Bring history to life in this blend of basic coding and making. Have you ever had a cool idea for an interactive museum exhibit? Here’s your chance to make it happen! Students will create interactive, multimedia exhibits powered by Scratch and computer interfaces.


Video Game Design: Thursdays at the STEAMatics Lab

Do you like playing video games? Why not design and build your own? Students will learn the basics of video game design while programming original characters and levels in Scratch. Let’s build an online arcade!

Electronic Art and Accessories: Thursdays at the STEAMatics Lab

Design and build your own circuit-powered accessories and artwork! By adding batteries, LED lights, and other electronics to everyday items, students will create impressive items to show-off at home and at school. Build everything from light-up greeting cards to battery-operated puppets, or bring your own design ideas to the table!

Robotics: Thursdays at the STEAMatics Lab

Engineer the perfect robot for the job! Working in teams, students will design and build their own mobile robots to complete exciting challenges.

“Making” Movies: Thursdays at the STEAMatics Lab

Shoot an original short film with custom-designed, D.I.Y. film gear! Students are challenged to design and build their own props and equipment to create original video stories.

Intro to Making: Thursdays at the STEAMatics Lab

Design and build creative, custom projects out of everyday materials.

"It's really cool because in the beginning I didn't really think that I could learn how to do anything like this...I've been telling my friends and my teachers and all that I've been going to this program. So it will be cool for me to bring something to show them what I've been working on." -- Amanda

“I really made my own toy basketball game with a court, hoops, the ball and players and everything. It took a few tries to get it to come out right. I still want to work on it to make it better.” -- Josh

"He's so so into it now. He's like 'Oh, I can't wait to do my science project now!'" -- Parent

"She already knows a lot more than what I can ever learn on these Macs. I hope she takes this into her high school years." -- Parent