How to Access Your Child's STAAR Scores

(Including viewing the actual test questions and your child's answer)

1. Go to and you should see this screen:

2. Enter your child’s Unique Access Code, which can be found at the bottom of a previous report of STAAR scores, and their birth date. Click [Go].

3. If you do not have your child’s Unique Access Code, click the “Lookup Access Code” link.

4. The fields will change to allow you to enter other information to look up your child's Unique Access Code. Enter your child's FIRST name, Social Security Number (SSN) or State-assigned ID (S-Number), and birth date. Click [Go].

5. If the lookup was successful, you will see a message indicating it was successful and the Unique Access Code field will be populated. Please write it down for future use. It will be good until your child graduates. Click [Go]. If you cannot log in, please contact your school.

6. You should now see all of your child's STAAR scores with the most recent listed first. The performance labels are new for 2017 and beyond. You will see one of these four icons and descriptive labels next to each test:

7. Click the "Download Report Card(s)" icon to download a copy of the STAAR Student Report Card once it is available. You may also pick up a hard copy of your child's STAAR Student Report Card from your school once they are available.

8. You can also see the actual questions from the test, how your child answered, and the correct answer. First, click on a test.

9. Click on the "Test Questions" tab.

10. The questions will be displayed one at a time. Your child's answer and whether it was correct or not will be displayed. Then, the reporting category and student expectation are listed. Next, the percentage of students who answered the question correctly is displayed. Finally, you will see the item and the rationales for each answer choice. If the item has a reading passage associated with it, the reading passage is available on a separate tab.