Simone Sagratella

Associate Professor

Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering  Antonio Ruberti (DIAG) - Sapienza University of Rome

Via Ariosto 25, 00185, Rome, Italy 

Room: A116

Telephone: 06 77274079



Courses in 2023-2024

Programmazione Matematica

Optimization of Complex Systems



Continuous and mixed integer optimization

Variational inequalities

Generalized Nash equilibrium problems

Algorithms for bilevel optimization

Big data optimization

Main publications

On the solution of the KKT conditions of generalized Nash equilibrium problems, A. Dreves, F. Facchinei, C. Kanzow, S. Sagratella, SIAM Journal on Optimization 21 (3), 1082-1108, 2011

Solving quasi-variational inequalities via their KKT conditions, F. Facchinei, C. Kanzow, S. Sagratella, Mathematical Programming 144 (1-2), 369-412, 2014

Parallel selective algorithms for nonconvex big data optimization, F. Facchinei, G. Scutari, S. Sagratella, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 63 (7), 1874-1889, 2015

Computing all solutions of Nash equilibrium problems with discrete strategy sets, S. Sagratella, SIAM Journal on Optimization 26 (4), 2190-2218, 2016

The standard pessimistic bilevel problem, L. Lampariello, S. Sagratella, O. Stein, SIAM Journal on Optimization 29 (2), 1634-1656, 2019


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