Nav Dhunay    

"Real innovation can only occur when teams of smart, creative individuals arrive curious and leave inspired"

Likely as a result of an inherited DNA rich in precision, pride, and work ethic, Nav Dhunay is a do-er. One of those guys who has an idea and then the smarts to either create it himself or find and collaborate with the best minds available to bring it to life. Call it entrepreneurialism, tenacity or simply a stubborn unwillingness to let a good idea go to waste, Nav has attained a hard-won collection of tech startup hits in his history, each which saw success only as a result of ‘fail fast, learn fast’, insight-rich bumps in the road. Most notably amongst these, ‘Canflix’ a technology designed to form the basis of the globally recognized Netflix and ‘NavNet’, a pioneering control and home automation technology, which enabled users to control lights, music and thermostats remotely from their mobile device.

Previously in his sights was the strategic and intelligence-powered disruption of the Oil & Gas industry through Ambyint, Nav's latest founded firm that brought bleeding-edge technology and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to the very heart of the oil patch – for the very first time.

Challenging the incumbent practices of legacy industries like oil and gas is not for the faint-hearted. It requires an unwavering determination backed by the type of game-changing product which can only be created in an environment where culture and collaboration are given prominence by leadership and where great minds are encouraged to innovate with freedom to fail fast and to wage all out Nerf gun war on their co-workers at anytime, anywhere.

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