2022 GCE ‘A’ Level Results 
A 水准考试成绩

The school congratulates the 2022 Year 6 cohort for their excellent achievements in the 2022 GCE A-Level Examinations!  A total of 442 Dunmanians sat for the Examinations, and they have done themselves and the school proud with their hard work and achievements!

The cohort achieved a median University Admission Score (UAS) of 84, with about 1 in 2 attaining the University Admission Score (UAS) of 85 or more rank points.  More than 1 in 3 Dunmanians scored at least 3 H2 distinctions and about 1 in 5 scored at least 6 distinctions.

For 9 of our H2 subjects, at least 1 in 2 students attained a distinction.  In addition, about 4 in 5 H3 students scored a Distinction or Merit for their H3 subjects.

With our Dunmanians’ excellent academic performance and impressive achievements in the CCAs, they have proven themselves to be well-equipped to care, to serve and to lead, and are ready to contribute to Singapore in their capacities as Role-Models of Learning, Leaders of Honour and Pillars of Society.

我校热烈祝贺 2022 年的高二生在剑桥A水准会考中考获佳绩!这批学生共 442 名,他们以自己的不懈拼搏和亮眼佳绩,给自己和学校带来了荣誉。我们以他们为豪!

本届学生大学入学积分 (UAS) 的中位数为 84,约二分之一的同学考获 85 分或以上的佳绩。超过三分之一的德明人获得至少 3 个 H2 特优的好成绩,其中大约五分之一的人考获至少 6 个特优。

在所有的 9 个 H2 科目中,至少有二分之一的学生考获一个特优。此外,大约五分之四的修读深化课程 (H3) 的学生在该科目中考获特优或优秀的好成绩。



Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.

Ng Jian Dong, Xavier is one such example. His exemplary character and selfless service were so evident that he earned the CCA Service Award in 2022.

As the Chairperson of the DHS Photography Society, Xavier led the photography team in various school events and photoshoots. His sensitivity to the needs of those he photographed as well as his proficiency, creativity and precision in his photography skills were commendable and inspiring to his fellow CCA mates. Apart from excelling in the creative arts, Xavier was also a sports enthusiast. As the Captain of the ‘A’ Division Table Tennis Sports CCA in DHS, Xavier consistently showed his commitment towards the sport and to the members in his CCA. His leadership skills and sportsmanship were instrumental in leading his team to several victories and accolades.

Xavier’s dedication and initiative have made him a remarkable student in DHS. He has proven to be an exceptional leader and all-rounder who has left a lasting impact on the school community. We are confident that his future will be bright and fulfilling!


It has been said that music gives soul to the universe and life to everything.

Phedra Low was an individual with a natural flair and talent for music and literature. She offered H3 Music and her interest in pursuing interdisciplinary studies was clear in her H3 Music project, which explored the intricate links between music and European Literature. Phedra also excelled in her capacity as Chairperson, Concert Mistress and Violin One Section Leader of the school’s String Ensemble. She was a humble, reassuring and caring leader who was integral in forging closer bonds between the members of the Co-Curricular Activity (CCA). She spearheaded the planning of a virtual concert in collaboration with the Dunman High School Band where all proceeds were donated to the Singapore Children’s Society. She also participated in Project Resonance where she taught Music to young children, helping them to appreciate and benefit from the joy of the performing arts.

Phedra’s humility and creative spirit is indeed inspiring. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours!


The simple act of caring is heroic.

In our time-pressed world of today, finding time to care can be challenging for many – but not for Shelia Teo, whose generosity and care for society could be seen in her initiatives that benefitted the wider community. She has always been concerned about the elderly in the society and advocated for intergenerational bonding between seniors and the youth. In 2022, Shelia and her friends founded a programme, ‘Mahjong Together’, supported by the People’s Association (PA) and the Toa Payoh Community Club. Through the facilitation of weekly game sessions based on a simplified version of mahjong, a popular Chinese tile-based game played by locals, the team sought to address the worrying issue of social isolation experienced by the elderly brought about by COVID-19. Shelia and her friends actively pursued peers and suitable volunteers to participate in the programme, and in the process, helped to promote intergenerational bonding between the participants and the elderly. The event was a huge success, drawing students nation-wide to sign up as student volunteers and garnering attention from numerous local media outlets.

As the saying goes, ‘a hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.’ Indeed, Shelia’s heart for serving the community is truly inspiring and encouraging.


Hardships hurt but they can also bring out the best in us.

Unlike most of her peers who could focus on their studies and did not have additional family responsibilities to worry about, Xun Shengdi had to balance her studies and family commitments as her father was unwell. Unfortunately, his condition worsened during the two years while she was preparing for the GCE A-level examinations, so together with her mother, she assumed a caregiver role for her father. Her father’s situation was not only emotionally heartrending, but also made Shengdi’s caregiving job physically more demanding over time. In spite of these obstacles, Shengdi demonstrated resilience and perseverance. She rose above her challenges and even assumed more responsibilities to serve the school’s student body. Her leadership qualities were evident when she served as a Student Councilor from 2019 to 2022. She took pride in putting her utmost effort to meet the needs of the school, as well as empowering others to serve the school, leading major school events such as the Senior High Orientation.

An inspiring individual who is resilient and resolute, she showed that she could handle hardship and stress and often challenged herself to test the limits of her own capabilities. And indeed, put aptly by C.S. Lewis, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” We wish Shengdi all the best as she embarks on her extraordinary future ahead!


The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

Fascinated with the world around her, Althea Sukhi Lim has always been eager to test her ideas and create new solutions to tackle the problems and issues of today’s world. One of her ideas was to conduct a year-long research on metal-coated carbons and their ability to remove impurities in wastewater to improve existing wastewater treatment methods. Under the guidance and mentorship of her assigned professor from NUS, Althea’s project went on to be featured as a finalist project at the Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF) in 2022. Althea was also a recipient of the A*STAR Science Awards in the Upper Secondary and Junior College Categories respectively in 2019 and 2021 and received a Bronze medal at the 11th International Biomedical Quiz in 2022.

What was even more impressive about Althea was her adaptability in cross-disciplinary work. She read Geography at H3 Level, an endeavour reserved for a select few, and focused her research on an integrated public housing model in contributing to social sustainability in Singapore. She was also a participant in the Challenge for the Urban & Built Environment (CUBE) organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and together with her team, they conceptualised an original idea for the redevelopment of the Greater Southern Waterfront area in Singapore.

Despite her gruelling schedule, Althea also volunteered as an active peer tutor with the school’s EducAID programme where she provided academic support to her schoolmates and willingly shared her study methods and approaches with them. Althea also volunteered with the Learning Together Programme where she helped to hone the literacy levels of primary school students on a weekly basis through stories and other activities.

Innovative, resourceful and empathetic – these are the qualities which come to mind whenever Althea’s name is mentioned. These impeccable qualities will surely help her to forge a bright future ahead!


The pandemic years were trying for most of us, but Chiam Kai Jun faced the additional challenge of being separated from his family in Malaysia and having to live on his own most of the time. There was also a period of time in early 2022 when found himself stuck in Malaysia after visiting his family and unable to attend lessons, but he did not let this get in the way of his studies by doing his best to keep up to speed, diligently attending lessons online. His resilience was further tested as he had to deal with the ailing health — and subsequent loss — of close family members while preparing for the A Level examination. Despite all this, Kai Jun kept his morale up and stayed focused on his goals.

Kai Jun also took the initiative to pick up skills that he believed would help him stay relevant in our fast-changing world, such as in Robotics, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and coding. He frequently discussed NFTs and cryptocurrency with his friends and even persuaded some to join competitions with him. Keen to develop his technical skills and apply the knowledge he learnt in the classroom, he participated in tech-related events such as coding competitions and workshops such as the National Olympiad in Informatics 2022 and One Arena NTU 2022.

Kai Jun’s grit when dealing with life’s challenges and passion for learning make him a true inspiration for all Dunmanians.


A student who epitomised the essence of servant leadership, Chua Jun Yu Xavier was committed to making use of leadership opportunities to projects that would benefit and uplift his peers.

As the Vice-President of the Senior High (SH) Projects in Student Council, Xavier oversaw all the SH projects alongside other student leaders. Being adaptable and flexible, Xavier led his team to organise the Year 6 Grad Night 2021 during the unprecedented and ever-changing COVID-19 situation. With his foresight and leadership, he rallied his team to quickly overcome numerous setbacks by finding creative alternatives. In addition, Xavier showed strong organisational skills through his role as a mentor in the planning of the Senior High Orientation 2022, where he welcomed and integrated new Year 5 Students into Senior High. Xavier guided his team in navigating the complexities of organising a large-scale event. He mentored them in coordinating different committees to successfully carry out the orientation event. His strengths in mentorship continued to be coupled with a strong desire to give back to the school community. This was seen when he stepped up to lead a committee in the planning of D’ Carnival 2022, an ‘Amazing Race’ event at Sentosa. It was a school-wide event for the Senior High students, aimed at promoting bonding and a sense of camaraderie amongst students and staff while demonstrating the spirit of fair play, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Despite having various heavy commitments in his academics, leadership roles and service to the community, Xavier had good time management and displayed maturity in handling these tasks. His willingness to help those in need make him stand out both as an exemplary leader, and an empathetic young individual. We wish him all the best!


Imbibed with spunk, passion and a keen desire to translate thought into action, Wang Ziwei Dorthy is a motivated student with an admirable flair and passion for the written word and the performing arts.

Dorthy was passionate about Literature and pushed herself beyond the confines of the stipulated curriculum by enrolling in the study of the subject at the Higher 3 level. She was also a participant of the Wild Rice Singapore Youth Theatre 2021. As one of the 16 chosen from over a hundred aspirants who auditioned for the programme, Dorthy relished the opportunity and saw theatre as a great platform where politics, life and art intersect. The programme ended with the staging and creation of the group’s own original play, “The Good Citizen” which was staged for six sold out shows.

Dorthy was appointed as Deputy Secretary-General of Academics at the Global Geopolitics Conference (GGC) 2022. As Deputy Secretary-General, Dorthy had to chart the direction of the chairing teams under her care. Working as part of the secretariat, she had to decide on the intended academic direction of the conference, committing herself to upholding a high level of intellectual rigour.

Despite her multiple commitments, Dorthy also had a keen sense of agency in serving the community and has volunteered with the Macpherson SMC’s Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS) since December 2020.

Dorthy is an individual who embodies the true spirit of inquiry and intellectual curiosity, possesses maturity beyond her years and has proven to be an invaluable asset to both school and society. We are so excited to see what the future holds in store for her and look forward to the meaningful imprints she will continue to leave in society.


A lover of knowledge, an exemplary leader, and an empathetic member of her community – these qualities come to mind when one mentions Shirica Leong Xinyi.

Shirica was an intellectually curious student who read widely to seek answers to the many questions she had about life. She was an avid Literature student who offered Higher 3 Literature, as well as a Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) Scholar and Prime Minister’s Book Prize recipient who demonstrated extraordinary aptitude in both the English and Chinese languages. Shirica also displayed a keen interest in international affairs, as shown in her choice of thesis topic for the BSP and coursework topic for Higher 2 China Studies in Chinese, as well as her active involvement in the Model United Nations circuit as part of the International and Strategic Affairs Council. An out of the box thinker, Shirica would try to apply ideas she had read in one field of study to other, sometimes quite unexpected, ones. For example, in seeking to better understand the psychological impact COVID-19 and its attendant restrictions had on individuals, she looked to the ideas espoused by Albert Camus in The Plague! Always keen to challenge herself, Shirica also took part in competitions such as the Goh Keng Swee Future Thinking Challenge in 2022, in which the team she was in emerged Champions.

Shirica demonstrated exemplary leadership as Chairperson of the Publications (Senior High), member of the BSP Council and Deputy Chair in the Dunman High School ASEAN Plus Conference 2021 and as Head Chair in GGC 2022. She was a caring leader who diligently mentored those under her charge. In addition, she was a regular volunteer with the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) since 2019 and was involved in a student-initiated Values in Action project ‘Project Lingua’, aimed at facilitating English learning using engaging student-made materials.

We wish Shirica the very best in her future endeavours!


A leader, an academic intellectual, an active community contributor. These words truly exemplify Christopher Ang Hao Yi. Academically, Christopher has always demonstrated a willingness to step out of his comfort zone for opportunities of growth and learning. This was seen through his undertaking of Higher 3 Physics and his Honourable Mention achievement in the Singapore Physics League (SPhL) in 2022. He also took part in the Prudential Young Trailblazers Challenge 2021, where he showcased creative and viable business solutions through a 3-minute pitch to seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

As a charismatic leader of his House, Drakon, he was able to rally his House behind a common vision, Christopher served as a mentor to his peers and juniors and guided them alongside their leadership journey. Innovative and forward-looking in brainstorming new ideas for House-related activities, his effective leadership delivered clear conception and execution of all House-related projects. As a dedicated member of the Student Council’s Executive Committee, Christopher represented the school at Council Converge 2021, where he shared insights regarding his experience of serving as a student councillor. Christopher demonstrated the ability to keep an open mind towards other ways of serving students in other schools, and generously shared the student-led initiatives implemented in Dunman High to others as well.

Beyond school, Christopher showed a strong desire to help others in society. He was an empathetic volunteer of the Macpherson Constituency Meet-the-People Sessions from 2020 to 2022. In each weekly session, he played a vital role as the first point of contact to understand concerns from residents, appreciate the complexities of the issues raised, and subsequently aid residents in contacting the relevant organisations.

Christopher’s willingness to always consider those in need would put him in good stead to succeed in the future. We are so excited to see what the future holds for him, and wish him all the best!


A leader knows the way, goes the way, shows the way. This was true of Zheng Lina who was President of the Student Council from 2021 to 2022. She was an inspirational leader who was able to clearly articulate her vision for the Council and rallied her fellow councillors to achieve their common goal. Despite the many obstacles and challenges faced by herself and her fellow councillors during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lina maintained her focus on the big picture and clearly charted the Council’s direction for the year. A leader who focused on the development of her people, she held regular meetings with the team to conduct milestone checks and to tweak department plans based on current progress. A stronger and resilient school spirit was testament of her exceptional leadership and she continues to earn the respect and support of those who work with her.

As the face of the Student Council, Lina was appointed to helm the school’s signature Leadership Symposium in 2022. She personally mentored her subcommittee heads to help them quickly level up in terms of people and project management skills and also officiated at several school events such as the school’s Honours Day (2021 and 2022), as well as the Official Unveiling of ‘Tapestry of a Nation’ Mural to commemorate the school’s 65th Anniversary in 2021.

As a Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) scholar, Lina also showed herself to be academically driven and intellectually curious. Her deep interest in China motivated her to deepen her understanding in Chinese literature, history, philosophy and culture. Building on this foundation, Lina also completed the one-year research paper on issues related to the political, economic, social and diplomatic spheres of the country, and this culminated in the presentation of her research paper at the BSP Symposium in 2021 where she clinched the Outstanding Presenter Award.

Lina truly embodies and personifies the school’s vision of nurturing role models of learning, leaders of honor and pillars of society. We are confident she will continue to do the school proud in the next milestone of her life journey!


Dunman High is not just a place where academic excellence is pursued, but where long lasting friendships are formed. Yu Han and Yen-Fay are like two peas in a pod and are just one example of the many Dunmanians who have supported and encouraged each other when tackling the many challenges of Senior High life.


Oh Yu Han was a true seeker of knowledge who never tired of learning. As a Bicultural Studies Programme scholar, Yu Han was involved in immersion programmes which involved interactions with students abroad and visits to cultural sites. She also took up China Studies in Chinese as a H2 subject. She was committed to sharpening her skills in both her languages, English and Mandarin, emerging as one of the top scorers in General Paper. She also stood out among her peers as she would sit in for tutorials of subjects like English Literature in spite of not being officially enrolled in it. Clearly, Yuhan was someone who strived to learn beyond her stipulated boundaries and sincerely enjoy the process.

Yu Han proved to be an individual who did not merely seek knowledge but was also intent on sharing it with others. She volunteered as a H2 Mathematics tutor in Project Educaid, a peer-tutoring initiative for Senior High students and shared her insight, strengths and love for learning with her peers. Yu Han also volunteered as a game master for an online four-day boot camp organised by HeritageCares where children were invited to learn about the cultural heritage of Singapore. Additionally, she was a content creator for Project Lingua, a student-initiated project aimed at making proficiency in English more accessible, especially for young children.


An inquisitive learner with an admirable sense of self-direction in her learning, Kung Yen-Fay soared to great heights in her time at Dunman High School. Combining her love for music, dance and global affairs, Yen-Fay excelled at her academics, leadership roles and friendships. She is a testament to the power of diligence and perseverance in achieving success.

Yen-Fay’s passion and drive to pursue Music landed her the prestigious Music Elective Programme Scholarship by MOE that recognised her exceptional cognitive abilities and determination to excel. In addition, her keen interest in learning led her to pursue Music at the H3 level, where she wrote a research paper on Studio Ghibli’s Film Music. Beyond her Music academics, she was also a member of the school’s Guzheng Ensemble. Because of her exceptional musical talents, she was selected as a soloist for the orchestral pieces performed at various concerts.

Yen-Fay also held the leadership position of Artistic Director in the D’Modern Dance CCA. A role model to her peers, she was in charge of refining the technical aspects of dance routines such as musicality, providing assistance to the dance instructors. A source of encouragement, she provided feedback to her peers and juniors in a respectful and tactful manner. She remained committed to Dance despite having such a hectic schedule.

Together with her study buddy and support, Yu Han, Yen-Fay tackled the many challenges of Senior High life and GCE A-level examinations. Yu Han and Yen-Fay combined their strengths of courage and leadership, and complemented each other’s areas for improvement. Their friendship was a strong source of motivation for both girls as they encouraged each other, studied together and remarkably conquered the ‘A’ Levels together, performing outstandingly.

Dunmanians, always remember that you are never alone on this journey!