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Attention!!! Need a library card for the Downers Grove Public Library to access all their digital and audio books?

Use this link to get a free card that will be good for approximately 90 days.

So often we have students come into the library, looking for a good book. It can be overwhelming to see all the books on the shelf and know where to start your search. Asking us is always a good thing, or your friends or teachers. However, if you are looking for another source, don't forget about the Books in the Middle Blog! This blog was started over 6 years ago and has over 500 entries of books that you might like to read. Check it out. And if you'd ever like to write a review yourself for the blog, please do! Just contact me and I'll be able to get your review up for the world to see.

If you like Mrs. Squires' booktalks and want to experience new books you haven't heard about - check out the Books In the Middle Podcast at this website: http://www.buzzsprout.com/229361 New episodes come out typically each Monday.

Also, don't forget about the Downers Grove Public Library. They always have great programs for you. Use this link to see what is currently going on!

You can reach me at tsquires@dg58.org if you have any questions or comments.

Follow O'Neill's library happenings @ONeill58Library on Twitter and for when new book reviews and podcasts come out!

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