Downers Grove Children's Choir

DGCC Mission Statement

The mission of the DGCC is to help children experience the joys of choral singing in a positive environment. The children will learn the fundamental techniques of breath control, articulation, tone production, tone placement, enunciation, as well as the fundamentals of reading music, musical interpretation, concentration, and concert protocol. The methods of teaching will be tailored to fit the children’s level of maturity, physiological development, and intellectual potential.

DGCC End of the Year Movie Party!

Please click on the link to sign your child up for the party on Thursday, April 25th from 3:315-4:30 at Fairmount School.

A snack will be provided, please provide your student with a drink. The $2 CASH payment for your child must be turned into his/her music teacher no later than Thursday, April 11th. Late payments cannot be accepted.