Dexter Community Teachers Association

The Dexter Community Teachers Association has a singular purpose: to tirelessly serve its members in their effort to best educate the youth of the Dexter community. The Dexter CTA uses its connection with the Missouri State Teachers Association, dedicated committees, and yearly events to support the teachers, office staff, bus drivers, aids, and administrators of the Dexter Public School District.

Dexter CTA Bylaws

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18.08.06 - Dexter CTA Bylaws - Ratified.pdf

DEXter CTA meeting Agendas and minutes



financial reporting

Financial reports for the Dexter CTA can be found below. Click each to expand and review.

1819 Dexter CTA Fiscal Accounting and Reporting - General Fund
1819 Dexter CTA Fiscal Accounting and Reporting - Scholarship Fund

Dexter CTA leadership and representatives

Mr. Corey Bennett, President

Mr. Cody Jinkerson, Vice President

Mr. Adam Clark, Secretary and Reporter

Mrs. Sarah Jarrell, Treasurer

Mrs. Jeannie Cato, Legislative Chair

Mrs. Laura Stone, Membership Chair

Mrs. Kristi Banken and Mrs. Kerri Kruse, Southwest Elementary Representatives

Mrs. Kara Lummukka, Central Elementary Building Representative

Mrs. Jeannie Cato, T.S. Hill Middle School Representative

Mrs. Amy Simmons, Dexter High School Representative